• A "Friend" gives to their "Friends" what ever they can whenever they can without expecting "Repayment. I have found it ALWAYS comes back to me 10 fold!!! God gives to us all even in our Sinful condition, knowing we can never repay Him for sacrificing His Son on our behalf. John
  • You are a generous friend. You have given her enough time, and now that she is back at work, you need to discuss a repayment plan with her ASAP. In all honesty, lending money to anyone (Friend or Family) is a sensitive issue and creates more friction than anything! Keep this transaction as business-like as you can.
  • You should ask her about it, since it is obviously bothering you.
  • Wow you ARE generous. Yeah, let them know and if they have anything to say demeaning that just let them know who gave them money for an unfortunate event.
  • Please tell me you got this in writing. $10k is no small chunk of change and she is now collecting a paycheck. 10K is a lot to blow in 2 or 3 months. . .I assume since you have to ask her about it, that you have no agreement in writing/verbally. No offense, but not smart. Ask her whether she feels comfortabe making monthly payments now that she is back to work. If that seems agreeable (get it in writing) then discuss the terms and hash out the details.
  • A wise person once said "Lending friends money is a sure way to get rid of both". That being said, I think you should discuss repayment with her. Hopefully, she will recognize her obligation and do her best to honor it. Good luck.
  • I would recommend you wait a while. She's been back at work less than a month, she may have received two paychecks by now. She likely needs a little time for things to settle around her before she can really start to repay you. She likely is very aware that she needs to start paying you back soon and asking her about it would just make her feel that much more pressured. If she hasn't talked to you about it by the end of February, then I'd ask.
  • By all means, ask her. A friend is a friend and a loan is a loan. Find out which one is to remain and which one will have to be dealt with.
  • Definitely ask about it. If she wants to be stubborn about it, take her butt to court.
  • When you loan any money to anyone..Always have something written up on paper how much your loaning them and make sure they agree to payment arrangements when they return to work or any other income they may have without anything written on paper that money you loan means nothing and they don't need to pay you back that is why you need some type of loan written on paper with a agreement and you can ask about the loan but doesn't mean they need to pay you back so sad but it happens.
  • Wow, sorry to hear that you fell for the old "I was in a car accident, so can I borrow $10000" ploy.
  • How possible is it for you to ask for her pay back the money in installments that she can do? Maybe if you see if she can pay you bit by bit she'll be more readily to give you the money she owes you.

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