• Well if u really love what ur doing then JUST DO IT! U would want to have a job that u love doing. Its not ur parents choose its urs! GOOD LUCK WITH DANCING!!! ^^
  • It depends on how old you are. YOu have to worry about your education 1st then you can pursue dancing as an extra curricular activity for now. In the end, it's all about what makes you happy in life. You aren't going to live with your parents forever. If it doesn't work out, then you can chalk it up as a lesson learned. I say go for it, but always have a back up plan in case you get injured & cannot dance for a living.
  • Dance Dance! We are cheering you on.
  • just talk with them about what you wana 2 do and they will see what you wana in you life and they will decide what is good for you
  • Only you can make yourself happy. If dancing would make you happy then go for it. If it doesn't work out for you then you can always do something else. Life is full of opportunities. You just have to be brave enough to take advantage of them.
  • i was always taught to believe that education comes before anything. that being said some people clearly see differently and they aren't wrong. i need an education but that's because of my career choice. if you think you would like to continue your education as back up and financial stability i would probably think that wisest. but by all means don't give up a dream, and give your parents time to respect you, your choices, and your hopes for your life
  • who's life is it anyway!... follow your dreams ..if it crashes and burns at least you had a go and you'll never be left wondering ... "what if"
  • My niece felt the same way. she stuck to her guns and is pursuing her dream, BUT she also finished her HSC and qualified for University, so should things not pan out, she can always pick up there.
  • find someone who supports you being you!
  • You do not say how old you are , if you are still at school perhaps you could work hard at your studies as well as continue with Dance classes. Dancing is very hard work and a very hard career but it is wonderful if you keep at it. Dancing can be the most wonderful form of self expression and a beautiful art form . Work hard at school so your parents know you have something to fall back on in the lean times. Good Luck.
  • Are you any good at it? Do you really have the drive, the talent and the ability to go for it, both with all the failures and the few successes that come along with it? How old are you? Does doing it recreationally really make you happy? Sometimes when you make something you love doing into your livelihood, the joy is lost, because it is now your occupation and no longer without consequence. What if it doesn't work out? Do you have a backup plan, skills, etc? What is the success rate for dancers? Is it like professional athletes... where if it isn't your whole life you won't succeed? Where a very small percentage actually get to do it professionally? Look at the big picture, look at your future, have you entered any competitions recreationally to guage yourself to others? You may dance for fun but does fun pay the bills? Don't give it up completely, but could you be happy with dancing as a hobby or a side career? Your parents are concerned with your future and its their job to love you, guide you, and support your dreams, but also to be reasonable when you can't be. To help you look at all angles. Don't do it because they don't want you to... just to prove them wrong. Weigh it out carefully. It's a lot of work, with little to show for it financially. If you're fine with that, and it doesn't force your parents into financially providing for you for the rest of your life, then go for it. Otherwise, your parents have many years of wisdom, they can be right on occassion.
  • Study hard in school and continue dancing. Dance! Dance! Dance!

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