• Laser is an acronym, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. If we say Lasers, what would the last "s" stand for. I know this is probably not a answer for your question, but you, as you always do, stimulate thinking.:> This answer was edited my the person who gave the answer originally.
  • flutterby is my favorite-think they had it wrong when they were called butterflies-everytime i use flutterby instead everyone knows what i am talking about---just my thoughts---smile and enjoy the night-cool question
  • Maddy as in having a maddy meaning a crazy mad day
  • Bonular, pronounced BONE-u-lar. I've used it a bunch of times because it seems right. As in, "I went to the doctor thinking I had a muscular problem, but it ended up being bonular."
  • Skritter - SCRIT-er - When doggies run on linoleum floors and their nails tap-tap-tap, they are skrittering across the kitchen floor.
  • 1. Pornucopia: an overabundance of porn. I worked for a property management company when I was young, and was once sent to clean out an abandoned apartment that was filled floor to ceiling with stacks of porn -- a pornucopia. 2. Subnattering: muttering negative judgments under your breath so others can hear, but you can still claim to be talking to yourself if challenged. 3. Volatoilet: a small restroom that must not come into contact with open flame until the methane has cleared. 4. Makeunder: when a woman "just throws on some lipstick" (especially when much more was needed.)
  • Miscopulation - a failure to complete sexual intercourse due to impotence or frigidity.
  • Pinkstink. It has to do with double penetration. It's really really late. You're a nice person. I apologize.
  • Hice which should be the plural of house because the plural of mouse is mice. :p
  • Wrectified. That's when your truck's front end alignment is corrected when you run it into the ditch on the OTHER side of the road.
  • I recently got an email passed on to me that had lots of these, but of course I only remember "ignoranus", meaning a stupid a-hole. I made up "drismal" (to describe the weather) years ago, and have since seen it around, so I'm not the only one to have made it up.
  • My favorite word like this is Lookit! hey Lookit!
  • skup - past tense of skip fishi - plural of fish meese - plural of moose
  • Sheeps and fishes. And mices.
  • Guini (pronounced gun-NIGH) for a plural amount of Guiness beers

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