• like most people (british people) when i was 17 (they are the norm in europe) so i learned to drive in one.
  • Last year. If I drive one for any amount of time, when I get into an automatic, I'm constantly looking for the clutch, LOL :P
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      I "drove" my foot through the floorboard a few times myself trying to find the clutch peddle.
  • 16years old. Got my learner's license, took driving lessons, and changed 3 of the lessons into stick. That's all it took to get me started, but it took me about 3 months of driving a stick shift to get it down to a science.
  • When I first learned to drive at 16.
  • When I was 25 years old. Learning with my then g/f.
  • I learned to stick shift when I was 17. That's the age one is allowed to drive over here in the UK. Also a side point, 99% of cars here are stick shift. So everyone taking driving lessons will be learning in a stick shift car. It wouldn't be worth taking a test in an automatic because one isn't allowed to drive a stick shift if they passed their test in an auto.
  • In 1965 when I was 16..a 1955 Chevy.
  • I learned to drive one when I was about 12 or 13. My dad taught me when we were hunting. I would drive the pickup while he was keeping an eye out for deer. I'll never forget it. Montana country roads in the winter is a great place to learn how to drive a stick.
  • When I was about 20, I taught myself to drive a stick shift in a volvo. I just drew the gear pattern on a post it, and placed it onto the dash board, and drove the car around the block time after time again, to make myself learn the feel of the gears shifting,and when it was the correct time to shift.
  • 18 years old. I had been driving automatic for a few years, and I learned to drive a stick when I joined the Army. An old Jeep. It was in a gravel pit in Minnesota in the winter. Basically I was told to figure it out. My squad leader put me in a jeep, told me the basics, and let me beat the hell out the thing for about an hour. After that, stick was easy.
  • I learned to drive it competently when I was 17... though I haven't driven a car for a looong time now, I never passed my test and then things just got in the way of me doing it... namely a succession of jerks for driving instructors. I just about gave up when my last instructor made me walk home in the rain after he got lost... not so bad perhaps, but considering he'd picked me up from school at the end of term and I had PILES of ringbinders and papers, as well as the fact he dropped me off in an area of Liverpool known for its crime... I wasn't impressed. So I probably wouldn't be very good until I've had a few lessons again.
  • It was a Raining Christimas holiday and my Dad had worked All night and we got up in the morning for a 2 1/2 hour drive to visit family. After the activities were done we drove home and he veered off the road and hit a pice of glass and slashed the tire having falled asleep for a moment. i got out and changed the tire and he said you drive the rest of the way having never driven and manual transmission and being 14 at the time we did make it home. then 2 years later at 16 my dad gave me that very car that i kept for 20+ years!
  • I lived in Hilo and went with a friend to Kona side to get her wisdom teeth pulled...she was so knocked out from the experience...I had to drive us back...didn't even know what a clutch was...jerk, jerk, stall...leap forward...all the way home!!! Have always driven a stick since then!
  • When I was twelve.(1953) Back in those days, most people had "sticks" because you had to pay extra if you bought a new car with an automatic transmission.
  • I just bought my first new/used car and tore it apart when trying to learn how to shift gears :-(
  • At 15 and have ever since! Driving a car with an automatic transmission just doesn't feel like "driving" to feels like riding!
  • I learned to drive stick-shift shortly after learning how to drive ... when I was 12. My uncle taught me with automatic transmissions, my Mom taught me with stick-shifts.
  • Yes i had someone by my side, but it was me pulling the gear shift.
  • Sad to say but i NEVER leared how to drive a stick shift!
  • my dad taught me when i was about 18, but my grandma suprised me and bought me an automatic car and so now i'm kinda alittle rusty, but i still know how to.
  • I learned to drive a stick shift when I was 15... it was the first type of car that I drove...
  • Before there were automatic transmissions.
  • It was around 1960, give or take a year or so.
  • I learned on a stick shift mainly because there were no automatic Transmissons yet. I never drove one but Chrysler had a fluid drive back then that was kind of an automatic but it still had to be shifted.
  • When I was in my late teens.
  • 8 years old on a tractor I am a farmer! Dec.07.2021
  • I was 20 or 21, and I was pregnant. I was a server at Red Lobster and when I jumped in my car to go to work it wouldn't start, so I took the truck even though I had never practiced, I knew where the gears were from watching. I got it stuck on a hill and a kind Samaritan helped me get it in the parking lot.

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