• They should be responsible for the damage.
  • while they must be responisble, i don't see how you could feel that the driver should get the same punishment as someone who intentially kills someone. the driver is also a victim in a sense. they're scarred for life afterwords.
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      The dead guy is pretty scarred too.
  • I personally think that the person chose to drink, so yes, the person should be punished. I understand why the laws are the way they are, though, having taken Law last semester. It's because people apparently don't really know what they're doing when they're drunk, and they probably wouldn't have acted that way if they were sober. Intent (which includes planned and deliberate murder) is something that must be proven as well in order to get the maximum punishment for that offence.
  • That's really a tough one because a dead family member is still a dead family member. You'd figure that the punishment should be equal. On the flip side would the person intentionally have killed someone? Probably not. I think the punishment needs to be very stiff but I think the circumstances are a little different. By no means should the punishment be light. When I decide to drink I KNOW the consequences of that decision and if I later choose to drive and I plow my car into someone else then my decision to take that risk was made when the first drop of alcohol passed my lips, when I was sober and fully understood the risk. If you going to plan on drinking, plan on not driving.
  • Lawmakers and politicians need this distorted leniency and protection, for when they (or family, friends, etc...) are (inevitably) caught in this situation.
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      I might do it so I should make the punishment more lenient? Sounds kinda dumb.
  • i think they should be responsible for whatever they did
  • It comes down to whether or not the act is intentional in many cases, but it all depends on the circumstances.

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