• I always use a saftey pin and alot of patience.
  • Try using a sewing needle, to pull the tied part of the knot.
  • I use very pointy tweezers and gently ease them out, takes time but it works in the end
  • I use a magnifying lens, and 2 straight pins. It requires much patience. I suggest laying it on a flat surface and teasing out the knots gently. Start the way you start a long trip - one foot in front of the other. Focus on the knot closest to one end or the other, and leave the middle one for last.
  • i roll it around trying to loosen it with my fingers [and patience like none other] then once i can see some loosening, i get a safety pin or needle. use the rest of the chain as thread to feed through and what not. don't worry it'll get out, it's just a matter of when [keeping that in mind always helped me keep a steady hand for some reason] best of luck!
  • First, coat it with cooking oil to lubricate it. Then lay it on a table, use a good light, a pair of tweezers, and a couple long needles or pins. Work it loose, make sure it is flat, then carefully wipe it clean. lay it on a newspaper, flattened and straightened, fold the paper over it, lay a book on it, and let it set overnight to absorb the excess oil.
  • I have a necklace with knots in it also. I tried everything with the knots. I tried the baby oil. I tried a pin and I just cant get the knot out.

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