• they need reasonable cause in order to obtain a warrent. so... they need a warrent.
  • They need a reason to search the place?
  • Theoretically, they either need a search warrant or probable cause that a felony is in progress or a person is in danger.
  • Laws vary world wide ... in some countries they can just break in unannounced and do as they please, in other countries, they need either permission or a search warrant.
  • Testimony of illicit activities, or probable suspicion, and can come in under the following two circumstances: 1) Danger of persons in residence, or danger to the public created by the occupants, nature of the residence itself. 2) Search warrant by a court legally given and executed.
  • A search warrent, or probably cause. Neither of which seems to actualy be nescarry in my area.
  • l. a search warrant based on probable cause. 2. warrantless search based on what an officer sees, smells, feels or hears. Example: a drug dealer is selling drugs to children. several informants have told this to the police. one has made a buy, knowing the date, time and location. this information is used to secure a search warrant, base on probable cause. Example: a police officer drives down a street and observes marijuana plants sitting on the window ledge of a private residence. this being a violation of the law, the officer may proceed, without a warrant to collect the evidence and arrest the responsible people, without a warrant.
  • the police would have to submitt to a judge that beyond a resonable doubt there is and is criminal activity going on in or around the premises of a john doe, and before this can happen a lot of surveillance must done before any type search can be done. remember that you as a citizin of canada, united states, you have rights, and especially if you are a tax payer of the propery, so any surveillance that is to be done must have a warrant. in the case of guns going off, and peoples lives are in danger. thats another matter. if in doubt don't say anything if they come to your house with a warrant,not a single word, they are sneaky call your attorney asap. i stress don't loose control, if you loose control they will take and you nill and void, all doubt that you are a reasonable personl, don't fall apart this is what they want. your control is your power and it don,t come cheap. when in doubt keep your head
  • If you are in the US, federal authorities, thanks to the Patriot Act, can detain without trial or probable cause, deny legal representation, enter private premises without a search warrant being shown to the suspect and in fact without a person necessarily being informed of such a search for some time and no longer have to show probable cause in order to detain anyone. This is one reason why some states and towns in the US, have passed legislation requiring that local/state police and authorities not comply with unconstitutional action by federal agencies.
  • They must have two feet and the ability to walk. A police report is not filled out until after a search is performed, so the reasons and explanations are always created after the fact. There are several laws and regulations that an officer must use as guidelines when filling out the paperwork, and this is necessary to reassure both a judge and the general public that the officer is competent at smoothing things over. A incompetent officer will occasionally create a big PR mess, but a competent officer knows how to present themselves well in their paperwork. Over time, the police learn to search where they like, and the paperwork all works out in the end.
  • his gun, badge, and a fellow "officer" to corroberate his story. (or a search warrent / probable cause)
  • a warrent from a judge
  • a seach warrent
  • Only suspicion, in some cases.
  • probable cause senor'.... thats it
  • A search warrant is enough thats it
  • with the patriot act all they need is to not like u
  • Thanks to Barrack Obama and the rest of Cheney's Energy Mongers who pushed The Patriot Act down our throats; all that is needed, on the Federal level, is a whim and a suspicion...locals need probable cause and a search warrant...
  • if they see something illegal in your house, they can come in and serch on probal cause, if they dont they have to have a good reason, or evidence, to get a warrent form a judge.
  • police have to go to a judge, and claim why they're suspicious enough to try to recieve a warrant, and then they go to that persons house and break their door in (though in that time the person could have hidden or gotten rid of what may have made the police suspicious). Or the police can search if you tell them that it's alright if they do, and you let them in.
  • I assume you mean "in order to LEGALLY search private property" where whatever they find can be admitted in evidence against the owner/occupier of the property. There are several ways: *Search warrant - issued by a judge upon presentation of a probable cause/reasonable suspicion; *Arrest warrant - same as above, but issued for a person. In the case of arrest, only the property immediately in the vicinity of the arrestee can be searched - so-called "wing-span" (basically - for weapons), not the entire house. BUT if during the arrest the police see/hear smth suspicious around the house, they can search that area. *The funniest one - hot pursuit. If police officers are running after someone (even unrelated to your property or to you) and the person happens to run into or through your house AND those officers who followed him/her saw something illegal while passing through your house, no warrant is needed to search the private property... This is a short version, of course!
  • Well--- burning rubber tires is one way they can enter...It is some environmental thing..They can find any reason...
  • They need probable cause or a search warent.
  • Probable cause, a warrant, or ask permission of the property owner.
  • As long as they have a search warrant.
  • Gain a permit from the court (in the u.k)

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