• Is someone looking to pick a fight with the LDS? lol j/k good question. First of all, do you believe in prophets (deliverers of God's words)? If so, then how do you test one? Do you use the criterium found in Christianity? Islam? Then you must test the prophet against the belief system or code. Take the Christian Bible, for instance. The teaching found in the first half of this book (the Old Testament) claims that a prophet must be 100% accurate. No wiggle room. (after all, the God of the Bible is rather big and His word is a serious matter) So, to offer my humble opinion based off of this code and my own studies of Mormonism, I would say yes. Joseph Smith's words and teachings have been changed multiple times by his own successors (other so called prophets) In addition to this, Smith states in the Book of Mormon, that terrible, WORLDWIDE signs would happen within his own lifetime. Now, we did see two world wars relatively soon after the Book was put to print, but they were well after his death. No other WORLDWIDE signs were seen in that timespan.
  • No, he was not.
  • He was a good story teller while he was in Ohio and then later in Utah.
  • Compared to what religion? Personally, I don't think Yahweh (the Abrahamic deity) exists, so by that definition all prophets of Yahweh are false. Perhaps you should categorize your question under a specific religion to get a more relevant answer.
  • Well if Joseph Smith was a false prophet and Mormon scripture was writing by him and not true...anyone Joseph Smith and everyone who followed him as a prophet is a false one.
  • Absolutely not! He was called of God just like any other Prophet of God was called. Go to the source and find out for yourself..It works...whew4
  • Yes! And if you want a good laugh, The Book of Mormon is a real hoot!
  • Me I like to read both sides of the story. I read the Lds version this is another version. Hugh Nibley according to LDS he is a gifted scholar he has some interesting articles.
  • Yes he sure was, Joseph Smith merely falls into the group of other fine plagiarizing thieves such as Paul "The Apostle", Muhammad, Ellen G. White, and Herbert Armstrong who have all stolen ideas, concepts, etc from previous works and twisted them a little while claiming special revelations from "god".
  • yes all prophets are false. I'm a better prophet than all of them put together, plus im less boring.
  • Joseph Smith, prophet or not, it is the total responsibility of the LDS to clean up the FLDS based on their Mormon teachings. The FLDS is nothing but an illegal loophole organization posing as a religion for the sole purpose of trafficking in brainwashed teenage girls for money.
  • This is an excellent question especially if you know LDS scriptures and are familiar with D&C 3:1-11 “For although a man may have many revelations, and have power to do many mighty works, yet if he boasts in his own strength, and sets at naught the counsels of God, and follows after the dictates of his own will and carnal desires, he must fall and incur the vengeance of a just God upon him” (Doctrine, pg 5, 3:4). So yes, Joseph did fall when he got into polygamy, masonry, and allowed Book of Mormon (BoM)to have the "plain and precious truths" taken out of it. All of these serious errors are warned of in the LDS scriptures! (D&C 132 justifying polygamy was embellished and added in after the Masonic murder of JS) The BoM states clearly that polygamy is "an abominable thing unto the Lord" Jacob 2:23-24 & Jacob 3 However, he did repent just prior to his assassination: D. Michael Quinn’s historical research into the early years of the church found that Joseph Smith repented of polygamy weeks prior to his assassination by burning the original polygamy manuscript with his first wife Emma and telling the Quorum to burn their Masonic temple garments and to stop practicing polygamy. June 10, 1844: “Hyrum (Joseph’s brother) tells Nauvoo City Council that the 1843 revelation pertains to ancient polygamy, not to modern times…” June 20, 1844: “Smith writes the apostles to return to Nauvoo immediately and probably on this occasion, instructs them to destroy their endowment undergarments.” June 23, 1844: “…Joseph and Emma Smith burn the original manuscript of the 1843 polygamy revelation, presumably on this evening…” (Quinn, pg 645 ¶ 6, ¶ 12, pg 646 ¶ 1). After the Masonic murder of Joseph Smith, D&C Section 132 is

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