• it broaden mine to learn of different people and cultures----good question-smile and enjoy the night
  • Yes! especially if you let yourself move out of your comfort zone. Like, if you go to Germany and eat at McDonalds and talk only with the people on your tour group, you might as well have watched the Discovery Channel. Have the Bratwurst, talk with the locals, walk in unfamiliar places!
  • Completely & and your horizons.
  • Broadens the mind..thinning the wallet and screwing up the digestive system :D
  • I know that Broads travel the mind.
  • Yup, traveling broadens the mind as you are exposed to the cultures of different countries and you learn so many things about other people.
  • Travel is one of the greatest ways to broaden the mind. Teaches you about other people, cultures, ways of life. Teaches you about yourself and helps to expand your narrow world perspective. Gives you an appreciation for what you have and what others might need. The very best trips I've taken have been almost spiritual in nature- leaving me in awe of the world.
  • nah...just ones arse from sitting on all those plane,train and bus seats!...:):)
  • Yes, but with today's gas prices and long waits at the airports, it narrows the wallet and reduces the patience too!
  • Abosolutely, in many ways. You can learn new cultures, meet new people, possibly learn a new language. And, I think it really helps you to visualize history and art and nature. If you are reading about a place, and you've been there, then it makes the story so much more real to you. If you see something you've read about in history, then it just seems to have more meaning. You can read about the Andes mountains, or the Cliffs of Dover, or the Alps, but if you can go and see it in person, it is so outstanding.
  • Absolutely. It broadens your experiences, awareness, and understanding. It also gives you a new perspective on things you took for granted as assumptions.
  • Yes. The ability to experience places that are different than our own reality helps us to get a better picture of the world at large.
  • Absolutely! It helps you learn about other people, places, cultures and lifestyles. It helps you become more open-minded and accepting of differences between people. It's a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.
  • Yes, Yes, Yes. I think that every adult and child should at some point in their life (and the earlier the better), spend time in another country, another culture and reflect or compare/contrast their homeland experiences with the country they are visiting.
  • Yes it is the best thing I ever did a few years ago. Its fantastic! Loved every minute of it and didnt really wanna come home, could have done it forever.
  • Apparently
  • i think travel do broaden the mind. we can get to know other cultures, history of an country and most importantly, we can got the experiences by visiting other countries.. thats all i can think
  • Yes I do, different cultures can be lived and therefore further understood.
  • Yes my boy at 16 traveled to 22 countries. Nervous as hell to let him go alone but it turned out fine. He's in his second year at a university and on the dean's list. Also been reading forever
  • I learn very little by traveling, actually. I learn more reading one book than I do a whole trip.

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