• Movie makers who shoot outside of a studio lot must ALWAYS apply for PERMITS from municipal governments, because various laws and ordinances must be temporarily waived for those making "on location" movies or TV shows. Those permits are a matter of public record and usually the precise locations for filming are publicly reported, so traffic can be rerouted while the filming is in progress. It is NEVER something that is "kept secret." +5
  • A list of locations can usually be found at PRO. Public Enemies Info is at: Filming Locations * Aurora, Illinois, USA * Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA * Chicago, Illinois, USA * Clark and Roscoe, Chicago, Illinois, USA * Columbus, Wisconsin, USA * Crown Point, Indiana, USA * Darlington, Wisconsin, USA * Illinois State Prison, Stateville, Illinois, USA * Joliet Prison - Collins Street, Joliet, Illinois, USA * Libertyville, Illinois, USA * Lockport, Illinois, USA * Madison, Wisconsin, USA * Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, USA * Miami, Florida, USA * Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA * Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA Brian Dzyak Cameraman/Author IATSE Local 600, SOC
  • the movie comes out in a week and a half all shooting will have been complete by now and it will be most likely already in or done with the editing process

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