• The state of California did away with school taxes. The schools are paid for out of the general fund now, and they are closing schools like crazy. They put several neighborhood students all in one school, and sell off the rest. If the taxes aren't based on the people's ability to pay, with poor people exempted, there is a serious flaw in the way the tax is collected. I would suggest that anyone in that position should contact a public agency that can provide a lawyer to help in elder abuse cases. Where do you live that elderly people have to pay taxes they can't afford or appeal?
  • No, I don't feel anyone should have to pay taxes. When I went to school, they never offered any classes at all when it came to tax law or how to file a tax return. If it is such an important duty as an American to pay your taxes, then how come it's not incorporated into the school system's curriculum? I'll tell you why, because it contradicts the Constitution. And besides, the last thing the IRS wants is for the people to have that epiphany.

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