• Not amongst each other. Coming from a non-country person, id take it badly.
  • I wouldn't say racial, but I would say cultural slur. It is used just like the N word. Some rednecks call themselves rednecks, but for the most part it is the people who think they are the opposite of who they think a redneck is (educated, wealthy, northerners, etc.) that use it.
  • not so much a racial slur as it's not really about race but more about lifestyle and culture. Anyone can be a redneck
  • I take no offense in the word at all, regaurdless of who says it. Redneck just means hard worker to me, it is derived from when a mid-western man always worked under the hot sun all day, giving him a sunburn, hence "redneck". Im proud to be one.
  • I got my account wiped out by yahell for referring to someone as a redneck. They called it a racial slur.
  • Yeah, I have to agree with everyone else and say I don't think I'd call it a racial slur so much as a cultural slur or something, unless someone is saying that all white people are rednecks, you know? But I don't think it's something one should say in polite conversation.
  • Not really. This phrase refers to the calibre of person, not their ethnic background. Same applies to the term "Hillbillies".
  • In the context this word was used in a state funded classroom in the presence of an African American state paid instructor, I indeed believe it is a racial slur. A classmate of mine who happens to be of African American decent called me this in anger in front of the class. My classmate was totally in the wrong as far as our altercation was concerned. She was supposed to peer edit an essay for me last week but did not do so. I did however edit her paper to the best of my ability. Once the instructor mentioned to this woman she would not recieve credit for editing my paper she approached me and asked to read my paper. My response was "absolutely not you had your opportunity last week when this assignment was supposd to ber done. The woman then said "he's a redneck". The instructor did not ask the student to leave the class or say anything of note to the student. I was made to sit through the rest of class totally humiliated, and must finish this summer term under my peers assumption that I am a redneck. I am origionally from Chicago, Ill. I have many black friends and do not consider myself a redneck. In the context this word was used today in a state funded classroom I feel this was a racist comment.
  • Instead of taking the term Redneck as a slur why not just say thank you and be proud of it, if you are a Redneck. Rednecks are the people that keep this country going, with out us, there would be a lot of empty spaces on the shelves of the local pharmacy and there would be no food on the shelves of the supermarkets, there would be a lot of barefoot people walking around and many people wouldn't have houses to live in. I'm sure there are a lot of other things that would be missing from the lives of a good many people in America with out Rednecks who work their asses off daily. Rednecks provide food and the materials for homes, medications and clothing for people in lots of other countries in the world, as well. So I say that the American Redneck should be worshiped. On top of that, most Rednecks have far better values then a lot of other people. I live in a town full of them, and I never have to worry about my stuff being stolen, even if it's left out in plain site. In 40 years, I have never ever locked my house up or anything else.
  • Meh, not really. I guess I could see how it could be offensive though.
  • No, it is not a racial slur, it is however a cultural slur, if you choose to take it that way, I personally dont considered it a bad thing to be called a Redneck.
  • No I do not! It is a cultural designation that is very ill defined. This discussion points out that fact. Although I am from a rural background and usually have a real red neck if I'm out in the sun working, I don't consider myself a redneck by my ill defined definition. Most of the definition of the term is in the mind of the individual. Therefore, a person with a negative definition and viewpoint of the term can be offended if called a redneck. Others my be proud because in their personal definition, the term is positive.
  • No, but rednecks are stupid enough to take it as a compliment. Let the negatives begin!!! HAHAHA!
  • No , I am Proud to be a "Redneck". If you put us all together , we would be the majority. Rednecks are in every Economical position and every Educational catagory. I know a Cardiologist, who did a 5 bypass operation on me 10 years ago - He is the biggest redneck that I know. They are in every race and male and female. You can find out really easily. They will not give a Damn about being politically correct or what your station in life is. They will tell you the truth and they will not hurt you unless they have to. Yahooooooooooooooo11111111
  • Sticks and stones....
  • I will refer only to "slur" as I do not subscribe to the man made divisions of "race" based on biological, cultural and social variations of humans. When something is said from a place of hurt, two people may hear it in totally different ways: heard in a hurtful (take it personal)way or simply heard as revealing strong emotion from the speaker. We are biologically wired to have a strong reaction to being dis-respected. How this is interpreted by the speaker and the recipient is wide and varied. I tend to shrug off derogatory comments which often defuses the speaker especially if they are looking for a reaction.
  • Depends, as outside America it means nothing. Within America it's a racial/cultural/intellectual slur for "a White skinned bumpkin from the boonies". Hence not a person to be taken seriously or even associated with by civilised people.
  • No because it doesn't have anything to do with race. I think it would be called classist. I'm not up on the "ists" though.

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