• In San Diego County, the southernmost and warmest beaches in California, you may find some privacy and relaxation in places such as Black's Beach. San Diego - Black's Beach Directions - Go north from San Diego on I-5. Take the La Jolla Village Drive exit. Travel west about 1/2 mile and turn right on Torrey Pines Road. Just past the Salk Institute you'll see a sign for the Gliderport. Turn left there and park in the lot. Take the stairs down to the beach. The nude beach is to the right of the trail when you get to the beach. San Onofre Beach in San Diego County not for from Oceanside and San Clemente enjoys a tucked away location you must hike to. Lifeguards do patrol and may ask people to put their clothes on, it is reported. From Orange County to Los Angeles, there is absolutely no beach you'll be able to run free or go au natural. As you head north to Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, there also are no places that you can count on to let your clothing down for a swimsuit-free tan line. San Clemente - San Onofre State Beach An hour north of San Diego and 90 minutes south of Los Angeles. Many would say this is the finest nude beach in California. Directions: Go past San Clemente on the I-5. Take the San Onofre exit. Go into the State Beach. Drive about two miles to Beach Trail #6. Park past the area designated for camping. There are three trails named Trail #6. They all lead down to the beach you want. Go past the last Trail #6, park near the restrooms, and walk down. It's an easy path. In fact, the trail becomes a road used for official vehicles. When you get to the beach go left. The nude beach begins 300 yards south of the last lifeguard tower.
  • Yes. There are large stretches of California Beach that are clothing optional. In California any beach that is not within city limits AND is not a State Beach, is a clothing optional beach. In Southern California, that may be hard to find, but between Watsonville and San Francisco, such beaches abound. Get yourself a map that shows State Beaches. This will show you the places where you MUST wear clothing. Take for example San Gregorio, or Ano Nuevo State Beach. Check you map for the boundaries of either of these State Beaches. Park in the parking lot and walk down to the beach. Then walk either north or south until you have crossed the imaginary boundary of the State Beach. You are now on a clothing optional beach.
  • Wait a minute. You mean I can only be naked at specific beaches? That explains a lot.
  • Yes, Blacks Beach in California. When I realized it was a nude beach I was in shock then livid. Spitting mad would be more like it. Grrrrrrrr makes my angry just to think about it.

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