• This one is more recent, but lately, it's been...
  • Lest we forget forget why we should honor our vetrans:
  • I can't attach the photo, but if was put out by the Childrens Defense Fund and a little boy about 3 who looked like he could have been one of my own kids was wailing in the back seat of a squad car out of fear because his mom, a junkie, had just been arrested and he was being taken to probably a foster home. I just wanted to reach in and put my arms around him. I ended up doing a small fundraiser at my home and sent the proceeds to Children's Defense Fund. Obviously, it touched me so much.
  • Probably this one...
  • Mine is the Afghan refugee girl. I am roughly the same age as her and those eyes were haunting then and are still. I love photography to this day because of it. I know her story but, with pictures this powerful I didn't need to.
  • I remember when I first saw this picture by Sebastião Salgado in the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow. I loved the busyness of the scene and the simplicity of the composition. I was in awe of it really. And from then I knew I wanted to learn to take photographs as well as I could. I'm still trying. (This copy isn't very sharp and it's small... so it won't have the same impact.)
  • This one. Just shows the beautiful landscape of spyscrapers in manhattan, with the towerd in flames.
  • Probably both of these as they both speak volumes, though i dont know the full story of the picture with the hands, i can no longer find the story
  • It is a Pulitzer Prize winner of a small child crawling to get food and a vulture is standing by waiting for him to die. The photographer left the child and later committed suicide.
  • che guevara photo. You know what it looks like.
  • Ansel Adams. All links open in new things you can close to return here. His: Rose on Driftwood Mine: Rose on Rustic Barn Wood I couldn't attach the photo. Visit both links and see the similar photos. My rose-wood photo is slightly better in my opinion. His was a store-bought rose on old natural wood. Mine was a wild yellow rose on old barn wood. I have stood on the shoulders of giants. 1. 2. 3.
  • Eugene Smith, Walk to Paradise Garden. His first photo after he got home from war.
  • Tiananmen Square, the lone protester infront of the tank... Oppression, we are all under the influence.
  • It was an x-ray of my impacted tooth.

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