• A collection of birds including: Steller's jay Northern mockingbird Yellow-billed magpie Yellow-billed cuckoo
  • Chinese people do
  • maybe toads does but i'm not sure about it... toads eats all insects, don't they?
  • I think birds do. Someone said once that when a bird eats a bug it crushes it with its beak first so that the bug can't bite it or sting it. I don't know if that is true or not though. Probably spiders so long as they can catch them without getting stung.
  • Yes. In the countries where wasps originate, a wide range of natural predators have been recorded including invertebrates (dragonflies, robber flies, hornets, centipedes, and spiders), birds (at least 24 species are known to eat wasps, including blackbirds, magpies, starlings) and mammals (including stoats, weasels & mice). The main predator of wasps in Britain are badgers which have been known to destroy entire colonies. I also believe that certain types of toad or frog may eat wasps but I'm not entirely sure on this one.
  • Some birds eat wasps including the Yellow-billed Cuckoo and the Steller's Jay. Another bird which I know of that eats wasps is the Yellow-billed Magpie.
  • Auch... (=
  • My cat ate one once. Only once.
  • Skunks for one...
  • My cat ate a bee once. I don't think she did it again.
  • Not me. I'd probably die if I didn't have an adrenaline shot handy.
  • Some birds, lizards and frogs.
  • If you live out in the country, and have safe shooting directions. A .410 shotgun. (All you see is the little wings fluttering to the ground). I moved my wife from the city last year, and she had some trouble adjusting to the insects. I blasted 53 wood bees in 2 days. It made her feel better, and me feel like a backwoods redneck. (With a dang good shootin' eye) :)
  • well my cat likes to eat bugs. I haven't seen her eat any wasps yet. I hope she doesn,t but she probably will.
  • Purple Martins are a type of bird that live in my area. They eat wasps. We like to put up birdhouses for them to live in because we have a lot of wasps around.
  • Bleh. Dialup sucks. Sorry for the dupe.
  • My momma's stupid Labrador does! Hell that dogs is so stupid that if it sat down to Gnaw a bone it would get up and fall over!
  • Yes. Birds, insects, people, reptiles and spiders eat wasps.
  • Yes. See the book "Does anything eat wasps?" !! ISBN 1861979738 Answers include draganflies, robberflies, hoverflies other wasps, beetles moths, birds, skunks, bears, badgers, bats weasles, wolverines, rats, mice 133 types of bird, crabs, frogs, goldfish and spiders. And I personally have seen a kitten eat a bee. The kitten got stung but it didn't seem to bother it as much as it would a human. Mmm, Tasty bee!
  • well i am not sure which creatures eat bees and wasps but something has to or else the wasp and bee population would be way higher than it would need to be
  • doesnt a bulldog chew a wasp?

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