• We should not be forced.
  • Yeah, I don't have to spend so much money on clothes!
  • I wouldn't like being "forced" but "requiring" it wouldn't be so bad. Especially in school. But I don't see anything wrong with it in the workplace, either. Less stress in the morning!
  • If a school or employer wants to purchase my work clothes then I think that is great - it means that I don't have to spend out of my own money for any working clothing or shoes and that includes replacements and repairs.
  • When I worked in the medical field, I loved wearing my scrubs. We all had to wear them and they were way more comfortable then street clothes and I didn't have to do laundry as much as I had a zillion pairs.
  • Well when I was in grammar school, the uniform I had to wear I hated. The other other uniform I had to wear was when I worked for a vet and had to wear scrubs everyday. That was fun for me because I had a bunch of different color pants and funky tops with cute prints. So wearing scrubs was mandatory but I loved it.
  • Wearing a uniform keeps me from having to decide what to wear to work every day. When I was relief supervisor, I had to make sure I didn't wear the same thing more than twice a month. I have a lot of nice clothes so want to wear them whenever I can.
  • I used to work at a job where I had to wear a uniform everyday. On the one hand, it was good because I didn't have to decide what to wear everyday, and because everyone wore the same uniform, we did not compete on the basis of who had the more "stylish suit", "better shoes," etc. There was also the sense of camraderie, or group feeling to work as a team. On the other hand, it got kind of boring after awhile, and sometimes you wish you could wear something different and exciting to work. You become bored and staid with the same outfit day in and day out. You can't express yourself if you're a naturally creative person.
  • I don't mind the idea. When I was teaching, I cant't tell you how many sets of clothes I ruined with "technology". It would have been much better to have had a uniform for the teachers. It would have meant they would have dressed better, because IMO, they didn't because they wrecked so many nice clothes. I am glad that some schools have adopted a uniform for teachers now. Looks smarter, more professional.
  • I support it, believing in standardization of all involved...
  • At work - great! Can spend my money on casual clothes instead.
  • I much prefer it! I wear a uniform to work every day, its comfortable, and i dont have to worry every day what i will also requires minimum ironing which is a big plus for me.
  • Uniforms are not such a bad idea believe it or not. First off is that they make everybody equal - in a school environment this is very important. Not all parents can afford the latest fashion clothes and the child that is different from others (their attire) is a target for bullying (amongst other things). A uniform can also give a sense of 'belonging', being part of a team and be a source of pride (work and school). Wearing a uniform means that your own (more expensive) clothes do not suffer either damage or wear and tear from daily work or school life. At work a uniform can be worn to advertise the company the wearer is employed by - customers can easily identify staff and it demonstrates a team of employees that work as one to achieve the goals of the company - it promotes corporate image.
  • Bad at school because it's mandatory in many countries. At work, you have to accept it or can leave searching for another work so it's up to the employer. Worst are for live-in domestic workers, they have to always be in uniform. I have talked to some people who worked as live-in maid/nanny girls when they were young girls in their late teens/early 20's and one of the things they disliked the most were the uniforms (like white blouses and black skirts, white aprons and black high-healed shoes) the employers required the girls to wear.
  • Retired Army officer...I have no problem with it whatsoever.
  • at least i know what i'm going to wear every morning and not have to take time to look for something
  • I remember I wore a uniform when I worked in a supermarket. I liked the idea: I had less good enough for work clothes to buy. But I didn't like the fact it was not the good size!
  • I don't have to think about what I have to wear everyday and everyone is wearing the same thing as me, but when you lose one or two of your shirts and have to look for it, it gets to be a bother.
  • No problem at all, I think a uniform is a great equalizer.
  • I beleve that uniforms in school are a good thing because the poor kids dont feel bad about not having the latest clothes.And also it eliminates unappropriate dress in the school.
  • I'm not into it Sm00z Heck I won't even cut my hair much less wear a uniform
  • I like the idea, and think it should be used more often.
  • I grew up wearing a uniform at schools (in Japan and in England). When I moved to America, I didn't have to wear a uniform and because my parents couldn't afford name-brand clothes, I was picked on a lot. I hated being judged for what types of clothes I wore.
  • Never has bothered me.Makes choosing what to wear in the morning easy,keeps things simple and orderly around the school or workplace,If you get dirty and ruin a uniform its not bad compared to ruining dress cloths.
  • i go to a military college... and i love wearing a uniform everyday. Makes life simple. There are no "gee, i wonder what i should wear today?" questions. Also, i think it helps people look for friends regarding their characteristics and opinions, rather than what they look like on the outside :)
  • I love having to wear uniforms. It keeps you from having to decide what to wear everyday!

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