• According to my latest water bill, a bath in a tub, uses substantially more water than a shower. a shower cleans the body much better than a tub bath. wonder how much it costs to fill a swimming pool?
  • Depends if you are taking a power shower or a normal shower. Normal uses less. Power showers using the same amount as full bath of water in the first five minutes of being on.
  • A Bath,unless you spend hours in a shower
  • depends on how long your in the shower for. but on average they say a bath uses more water
  • Normally a bath... but it depends on the size of your bath and length of your shower.
  • I have showered and held the water in the tub to see and depending on the length of the shower, it tends to use less water than a bath.
  • I believe it takes more to shower becouse as you shower the water is just running down the drain,but a bath is not only more cleaning becouse you lye their and soak off all the yeky stuff,and if your worried about sitting in all that and think its cleaner to take a shower rince of with shower head for a half minute,sparkling clean and less water,Thank you ....Thank ou very much.:)
  • It takes less water to take a shower than a bath because when you are taking a bath you feel the tub all the way to the top but when you are taking a shower you use only a little water.
  • A shower uses less water than a bath unless it is a power shower, in which case it uses the same amount of water as a bath in the first five minutes.
  • How does a power shower use more water than a normal shower?
  • Usually shower, but it depends on how long you are in the shower.
  • I can shower and dry in 90 seconds. I pre soap and spin like a top
  • well i take a bath and turn on the shower right after to rinse off. wasting a lot of water i know
  • I think to take a shower
  • well it depends sometimes i sit in the bath for 2 hours! but shower only ABout 10 mins
  • I wondered that also. Plugged the bathtub while taking a shower to see. It was almost the same for me. Guess it depends on how long you stay in the shower.
  • I think generlly a bath uses more water. I have a flow control on my shower head so the water is off while I actually bathe, so my showers use very little water.
  • Here's good news for dirty people. Showers use less water BUT they are much more dangerous for you health say US scientists. Smells fishy to you? Check this out.,0,109508.story
  • Prove it to yourself. Plug the drain and take a normal shower. then take a bath filling the tub to your normal level. Generally you will discover the shower uses about 1/3 to 1/2 less water as a tub bath.

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