• no, they forced me to take one
  • I do not know about my current local high school, but they did not charge at the high school I attended and graduated in 99
  • No they do not. At least not public US schools. I was given the chance to go to AP freshman global class, and there was no charge at all. I'm not sure if it's the same for seniors though. They might charge you a fee for AP calculus. You might have to consult with the school's guidance counselor.
  • Not if you arent using the class for a college credit. If you use it towards your college degree, then it's usually the college offering the AP test at the end of the course who charges the fee.
  • Not for the classes but for the college equivalency credit at the end of the class they did charge. It was still a bargain compared to the cost of the same class at the university.
  • They can't if it is a public school. The courts have stated that due to the equal protection clause, the cost of a course offered in a public school can not be mandatory to take the class. If the student is unable and/or unwilling to pay the student is not obligated to pay. As a debate coach, I had to foot the bill for a few students who could not pay and some who knew the rule.
  • No, it's free. I'm going to take an AP class next year.
  • Laz's Mouse here-hi-assuming this is a public school and AP classes are part of the curriculum and your state's Department of Education requires these classes be offered, I would not expect to pay a fee to take the classes; however, there is normally a fee to take the AP tests at the end of the year. You might check with the state Department of Education to find out exactly what is and is not permitted by state law. Hope this helps-p&l
  • That would be bad a bad policy for public education. If everybody isn't guaranteed a free education, American democracy would not be working very well. They don't charge extra for Advanced Placement classes where I live.
  • I've never heard of that. That seems like negative reinforcement.
  • Only the standard $82 or something collegeboard charges to take the test itself. If you don't take the test, you don't have to pay.
  • I am in High School now.( going into sophomore year.) I am taking 2 AP couses next year. I have to pay 84$ each for the exam at the end of the year. Plus summer work
  • There is no charge for the class, but there is a fee for the test.
  • why in the world would they charge you? i have never heard that in my entire life. i just graduated a year ago. the only thing they charge you for are the AP exams which you elect to take, but are a good idea because if you get a good enough grade you get college credit
  • Charge you? As in, money? Wow... no, I never got charged for taking AP classes, and I took quite a few. There is some expectation that you will end up taking the SAT II (or whatever passes for it these days, I have no idea) for whatever AP subjects you were enrolled in though, and those tests do cost money. In my day, the tests were about 75 dollars a piece. I only ended up taking one, but it was worth it.

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