• take door panel off theres a rod to lock switch plastic clip ring is more then likely broken good luck
  • I too am looking for a diagram for the electric door locks. I have the panel off and the electric actuator is free floating in the door, and my Haynes Repair Manual has no information on how it's installed in the door. It's probably some plastic device that has broken off in there.
  • We are also having this problem, We also cant get the door open because we cant unlock the door. Let us know how you fixed it and how much it costs
  • I had a similar problem on an Astro Van. I had done some modifications to the stereo and blew a fuse in the cig lighter. Turns out that the fuse controls the relay for the power lock button. Check out your fuse panel for any blown fuses - especially if you recently worked on it. Good luck.
  • how to fix? buy a ford. lol jk try youtube, they have instructional videos for everything

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