• The word bible is from the Latin word biblia ( meaning a collection of books. Its like a library with a couple of books in. (In my home language, Afrikaans, a library is a "biblioteek") It contains a couple of books and you can ask your question for every book in the bible. One example: Genesis ( is a word of Greek origin meaning "birth". Probably adopted in the sense of the birth (or beginning) of the earth (and all things). It would be well noted that in the original hebrew the first book of the bible is called "Be'reÌ‚'shiÌ‚yth". (sorry that's the best phonetic representation i can give. can anyone tell me if it's possible to add Hebrew letters, words, quotes to an answer?) Now to find this you would actually have to be able to read Hebrew as the best translating source I have is my Strongs exhaustive concordance ( that has a Hebrew/Chaldee and a Greek Dictionary at the back. The Strongs is also included with e-sword ( H7225 is "reÌ‚'shiÌ‚yth". That is the closest I can give you for a comparison without you actually going to read the Hebrew. The "Be" changes the form of the word in context, somewhat like an "ing" does to English words. The meaning of the word "Be'reÌ‚'shiÌ‚yth" is "In the beginning". The first words in the book. As you can see, to answer that answer for all the 66 books in the bible would take quite a while. Thus I will stop here, but if you follow up my sources, you should be able to find the meaning of most of the book's names, where they come from, and weather they are used in the books.

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