• oh I can if the other person is a total f*ckwit and its a total waste of breath
  • yes i can,it takes a bigger person to just walk away and show them that they don't want to engage in a war of words.
  • Yes, I wasn't always that way but I have found most peoples minds can't be changes and even if they are they won't admit it.So for the most part yes I can walk away.
  • Yes. I think it would give the other person something to think about and why the fight started in the first place.
  • i could always walk away from a physical fight, but if it is an argement and i know i am right i have to stay and argue.i am very competitve
  • Walk away from a fight? Absolutely not. Nobody is leaving until one of us has a sort of an internal bleeding thing going. If its just a verbal kind of a thing, then I got no problem walking way because I just loose interest really quickly.
  • I can. Once I feel I've made my point in a verbal fight, I just say I'm bored with the conversation and I'm going now, if the other person has also made his/her point but won't just let it go. If it's a physical fight, I would only do that if I had to, or if it was to protect someone else. I have fought a friend's abusive husband, and a guy who was drunk and high but kept getting in my epileptic friend's face, for examples.
  • That would depends on how important the issue is to me and whether the person I'm about to fight with opinion will make a difference in the outcome. Or whether I feel like I need a good argument. .
  • I can walk away. Sometimes you cannot change a persons mind or their beliefs, no matter how hard you try. So it better to walk away and give it a rest.
  • I would walk away. I don't want to fight.
  • I can easily walk away...its whether I choose to or not...
  • I can, but I don't. If I know I AM right, then I never give up, whatever it takes.
  • Yes and that happen to me once. I was going to start a fight because some guy called me names and he got up and when he was close that he punched me in face. I wanted to punch him back but I new that I had to stop it because it is not right. So yeah you can walk away from a fight. It takes guts to walk away from a fight but like me I don't listen to them, calling me stuff. I just ignore them. And I would stop the fight because I know what is right and wrong and name calling is not so bad.
  • Never walk away, i would rather be beaten up than not fight.
  • I'll stand my ground in self-defense.
  • If you are right violence won;t prove it. & if the person does not accept your argument walk away.Surely time will prove you are on the right you could bring in a third person for support
  • i wouldnt walk into a fight in the first place

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