• yes they can
  • Sure. Why not?
  • No of course not. Hamsters and guinea pigs require much different diets. For example like humans, guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamin C. So you need to give them a diet enriched with vitamin C. Also guinea pigs can gain wieght easily and should not have seed mixes but pellet mixes. Hamsters can have seed mixes but must have things such as sunflower seeds, peanuts and pumpkins seeds picked out as they are fattening.
  • We have had chinchillas for awhile, and they have very primitive digestive systems. We can get by with a little of both, as long as it is no more than ten percent of their diet. Guinea pigs are a stronger type, so you could probably go with a higher percentage.
  • A pig of any sort eats anything.
  • Not, not at all. They need specifically guinea pig food. There dietary requirements are much different from other animals, even hamsters.
  • Well I think it would be best to stick to guinea pig food because all little animals amazingly have their own diet and what they should or shouldn't eat.
  • NO. Guinea pigs should eat guinea pig food because they have a different specialized diet than other rodents. You have to be careful what you feed them also because some vegetables/fruits are not good for them or are posinous. Yes, actually guinea pigs are not pigs and they are not from guinea at all. They are cavy's which are part of the rodent family. They are native from Andes, [the worlds longest exposed mountain range, and across the pacific ocean with covering these country's; Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, some of which are known as Andean States. (I learned this country information by going to Wikipedia-English search "Andes".
  • well, i read about guinea pigs a lot and i know very well that they should have a special diet. But i live in istanbul and i visited at least 30 pet shops , and couldnt find guinea pig food ( fed up to tell sellers that they have a special food and not same with the rabit food :((( ).. i dont know what to do now. can sobebody help me? i need a good advice

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