• Not that much personality is a much bigger package. Looks are a bonus.
  • It has been my experience that guys aren't very choosy when it comes to women's bodies. They like women, period. They may have a preference as to what they find attractive, physically, but they do not hold onto dreamy notions that a woman must meet unrealistic fantasy expectations. Guys are just happy if a girl they find attractive likes them back. They don't care if her nose is a little to big or her butt a little too fluffy.
  • Depends on the guy. For myself, I can live with imperfections of the body if the woman has a mind and personality that's engaging.
  • A lot of us prefer a nose that is a little too big, a smile that is a little crooked, extra padding here and there, etc... I want some character. I like knowing that the woman I love has a strawberry shaped birth mark on her back, or a mole high on her left cheek. (She doesn't have these particular things, but I wouldn't want her to be angry with me for describing what she considers to be "flaws"). The things she considers flaws are things that make her unique. Monet painted a lot of water lillies. All, while still lillies --are each different. All are art. Real men want individuals, not magazine issue models that come from a Victoria's Secret cookie cutter in size 0. (not, of course that we mind looking at those, either)...
  • Flaws are your personal 'signature' and I for one would not be comfortable with a perfect specimen. :) (Sounds like you could use a cheeseburger and a shake though!)
  • Not a dumb question at all. I'm afraid that more men rate their partners or potential partners on looks alone than there are women who do that. A man that I know left his wife and set up home with another woman because his wife's looks showed she was 'past her sell-by date.' He was a long way from being the best looking guy you've ever seen.
  • no its not, Men or this one anyway enjoy the unique differences big, small, tall, short,color God women are just beautiful! if you are stuped enoughto get locked into what the "NORM" is your missing out on ALOT.
  • As long as the woman tries to be fit and is comfortable with her body, we're good to go. LOL! I don't particularly like the average super-model body. They seem a little too thin to me. If you're 115 lbs, I'm sure plenty of guys are eyeballin' ya. lol
  • you know what? supermodels don't even look like supermodels without the pro makeup and digital retouching anyway! as cindy crawfors once said 'even i dont look like cindy crawford before the makeup and retouching'...look anyone who looks up to that is being unrealistic. download a free trial of a digital retouchin program and do your own face. if u can make that tranformation in a matter of minutes just imagine what hollywood pros can do! and who says supermodels are the epitome of hot anyway? i know plenty of guys that dont necessarily find that attractive and will state someone like halle berry or scarlett jo. (who i might add are also retouched) are the most attractive women. its so subjective and there isnt one ideal of 'perfect' supermodels on the street prolly wont even get a look in
  • Men hate to be asked do i look fat/thin we care about as much as you do about the imperfections of a guy.
  • Women. You spend your first 9 months trying to get out and the rest of your life trying to get back in.
  • You must be very young to be that tall and that thin. I am sorry to say that your body sounds beautiful to me (I like girls on the thinner side) Would you post a pic (if over 18 )so we can get a better look. It is so easy for each of us to see our flaws becuase we look at them like a 1000 or more times a year. Let our new eyes be the judge.
  • Good grief, I couldnt care less. Women dress to impress woman more than men, and believe me, when your 60 years old the only thing that will be left is the love that you feel for each other. Anything other than that is a tad shallow, which is why some relationships dont last, because people are too busy looking on the outside instead of the inside.
  • 5'8" and 115 is totally fine. Most women imagine us to care much more than we do about that. Most guys I know really don't give you alot of extra points for being a 10 rather than a 7. Oh, I mean, we'll make lewd comments and such (because we're guys) but, christ, most of the time the 10 is such a spoiled little skank and so infatuated with herself that we'd actually prefer the 7.
  • I for one realize I'm not perfect, and I don't expect women to be that way. Supermodels are 1 in a million and they aren't real people anyway. I want to be with someone I can talk to about any subject and laugh about silly things. Looks mean nothing if you are with the right person. Not a dumb question +4
  • 5-14-2017 Some gals are built for speed, and some are built for comfort. The deciding question is whether you know what to do with your body when the time comes.
  • Anybody who cares that much about what you look like doesn't deserve you.
  • Nothing wrong with your body. It's your mind and charm that probably need work. Any man worth his salt would take a blonde bimbo with tit's you could lose an arm down. But such men would also be the sort who get possessive and aggressive at anything. Hence you're after a guy with more than a one track mind and such guys look at charm and personality more than looks. They don't just want arm candy, but mind and bed candy as well.
  • 5-14-2017 If a woman gives her attention to a man, she is beautiful to that man. A man might have some preferences, depending on his experiences while growing up. For instance, all my female teachers in grade school were big bitches, so I can not get interested in any big woman. But I once fell in love with a little lady who had a face that actually looked like the back of a bus. Because she was smaller than I was.
  • Well, I'm a gay guy and so probably shouldn't answer this but I WILL BE YOURSELF,,,,,,,,,forget about a perfect body, etc....take care of your health, which you appear be doing anyway, and if they like you, they like you, if they don't they don't. In my experience with straight friends, they all SAY 'looks don't matter' but they are bullshitters at heart......of course they do, but then YOU dont want a guy whose more concerned with looks do you? anyway, just be yourself, always get the guy to talk about himself.(both gay & straight guys love that!!!!) and you'll never go wrong. so ENJOY your life.......and no, it's not a dumb question........ on a side note, if you like, I can give you suggestions on how to dress for your height and weight......and if you give me your skin tone color, can advise you on the best types of colors to get back to me; what have you got to lose?????
  • There are certain bodies that I am automatically attracted to. It is not any idea of perfect that pop culture prescribes. When i get to know a woman, attraction is augmented by personality intelligence, wit, humor etc.
  • Most men actually prefer a bit more meat on the bones than most models have. 5'8" and 115 lbs is actually rather too thin. (Take it from a former model.) And you'll notice that most women (and most men) in the world don't look like models, not even close, but they date and marry all the same.
  • I believe that guys who only like women that measure up to a certain level on their delusional scale are surely missing out. Each one of us is unique... impossible to duplicate.
  • Some do, some don't...just like some gals only have eyes for badboys with a ripped body, fancy car, and six figure income....and some don't. I hate to break it to you, but vanity and conceit is not the monopoly of one sex.

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