• I found a huge spider in the garage a few years ago, my friend thought i was exaggerating and he screamed whn he saw it, it was about the size of id say a womans fist, its was horrible looking, my friend sprayed it with a fire extinguisher and i ran like mad lol
  • A red roman.
  • I used to live in Japan where I saw one that must have been 8 inches (20cm) long from tip to tip of it's spindley legs. In Japan, they say it's good luck to see a spider in the morning. Probably because that means it didn't bite you during the night.
  • It easily filled my hand up. It was a tarantula out looking for a mate. We used to play with them. THey come out every August and Sept wandering around looking for love.
  • I saw I spider that looked like a tarantula and was about 2 inches wide, I ran away from it. I was about 15 or 16.
  • 8" camel spider really!
  • The biggest one I saw was in the top of an elevator in Hawaii. I was only 10 probably and I was and still am afraid of spiders. I rode down two floors with it staring at it the whole time. It must've been a foot across with the legs outstretched and the abdomen, at least the size of a fist.
  • In the wild? a fishing spider about the size of my palm. I caught her for a pet, but she was grumpy. she laid two egg sacs the size of hazelnuts. but of course I've seen tarantulas and such in zoos and pet stores.
  • The biggest one I ever saw was in my basement right after I moved in here. It was light brown or tan, and had hairy legs and was almost the size of my palm. I had to kill the thing, no other choice, I was very grossed out since spiders bother me. I was very cautious about going down there for awhile after that.
  • Like, as big as a freakin' Volkswagen. Actually a HUGE yellow & black orb-weaver (I think), as big as my face. Had a ginormous web in between two trees five feet apart. Scared the crap out of me.
  • The Huntsman Spider. Big and ugly! I was on the computer and saw it run across the wall from my side vision. My eyes got big, my hair stood out. I was scared stiff for a second because I never seen a spider that big. Then when I slowly got up to find something to smack it with, it actually watched me! If I went left, it went left and so on. I kept feeling around for the fly swatter because I knew if I took my eyes off the spider he'd run and I'd never find him. Found the swatter, he ran super fast in a zig zag pattern. Harder than heck to hit. But I finally got him. It was about as large as a man's hand. I saw a pic of one on the Net It was so big, it's legs were sticking out when it ran behind a wall clock. Florida and Texas have them. I don't know about the other southern states.
  • It had a three-inch leg span, it was our garden
  • I've seen a spider almost 6 feet tall. What did I do when I saw it? I ducked and it shot Harry Whittington in the face.
  • I saw a tarantula on a road once.I caught it in a plastic cup.It hissed like a snake and put up its front legs in defence.I kept it a few hours and shown it to some friends,then I put it in the bushes.
  • I don't do anything when I see a spider unless it's a poisonous one (which I have never had in my house so far), in which case I would stamp on it with my platform boots.

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