• Everyone is different. And we have the need to see if one person is better then another. There are different types of Intelligence test- such as muscle memory.
  • Because we all have our unique gifts. Some people are very intelligent, others very creative, and others very nurturing. All gifts are equally wonderful.
  • Everyone wasn't created equal. Some people have more disadvantages and struggles than others.
  • There is such a thing as IQ because IQ is developed throughout your life, not handed down to us at birth.
  • Wouldn't life be extremely boring if we were all equal? IQ tests are subjective and culturally determined. You could not judge a person from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea with an IQ test designed for the US or Europe, because there just might not be the right questions in it. But still there are differences in intelligence, of course. We must try to accept this in our culture and create worthwhile living situations and stimulation for people who are not so bright. We must respect every human , smart or not.
  • So we won't be bored with sameness. (Don't can choose a high IQ NEXT go 'round.)
  • Our minds are as different as our finger prints - no two are alike. The Hinduism says that each person's intelligence is dependent on Karma of his past birth.
  • everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.
  • Equal in value doesn't mean equal in abilities. Some people are very logical thinkers. Some people are wonderful at music or art. Some are good with their hands and make great craftsman. IQ is a man's invention and opinion. It's not a set in stone law of nature.
  • He created us equally Divine.
  • Some folks are "more equal than others" Orwell. ;-)
  • 2-14-2017 It is your mistaken assumption that God created us. The word only appears three times in Genesis. There is no other record of anything being created. Besides, "equal" does not mean "same".
  • "IQ" was created by men as part of an attempt to quantify intelligence. We are all "equal" to God because God loves all of us and wants the best for all of us, not because we are all the same. We are all different and that is OK but once we start assigning our own values to those differences then we are systematizing inequality.
  • I have no belief in God, but i do think everyone is naturally equal. it highly depends on where you grow up, how stable is the family not only with money but as a family relationship, is it strong or weak? many factors are needed to assess someones success. An IQ is the general knowledge and ability to learn and retain information. to me an IQ has nothing to do with the existence or absence of a god, it has to do with someones motivations, environment where they grow up, and the influences they have growing up. God doesnt make anyone smarter or dumber, he only (in your belief) gives you the tools to make yourself however you want.

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