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  • G'day Sarash1202, Thank you for your question. Only if you get things horribly wrong. Regards
  • Are you a little slow? Did you parents or the school teach you anything? Do you know where babied come from? NOT YOUR ASS!!! The only way is if ejaculate (sperm) drips down (or up, depending on your position) and goes in the vagina, which has happened.
  • I'm not a sex expert like Dr. Ruth or that lady on Have sex with Sue but the last time I checked there is no baby making parts in a girls rear. The only thing that is made in there is not something you'd want to claim as a baby.
  • Yes you can, if you're having unprotected sex and the sperm 'dribbles' down into your vagina.
  • yes then you would have a asshole baby
  • I don't think you can make a donkey pregnant my cuming in its arse... [Think about it folks...]
  • Yeah you sure can, if he has you in a doggie fashion and he isnt wearing a condom you have a good chance of becoming preggo. Think of it this way if he cums inside or out you will want to wipe yourself clean, right? So you wipe your butt and your vagina opens ever so slightly while you are wiping, well you have just introduce semen to the vagina. So my advice to you is to have him wear a condom and use plenty of water based lube......

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