• The President of the United States earns $400,000 annually. (
  • It was my understanding that they received $250,000 annually. Making it a $1 million after each term. Those that go two terms will be paid $2 million.
  • $400,000 / year. In September 1999, President Clinton signed legislation that increased the presidential salary to $400,000 (from $200,000), effective January 2001. The constitution prohibits pay raises for sitting presidents. In addition to his salary, the President gets numerous expense accounts including: General account ($50000) Official expenses of the White House office Entertainment expenses Separate entertainment expenses for official presidential functions Traveling expenses for the president and anyone traveling with him (above and beyond the free limo, helicopter, and airplane rides) There are many more perks to being the leader of the free world, use this link for a comprehensive list:
  • not sure but he probably gets paid a lot more than the rest of us
  • His 'official' income would be what he 'officially' reports on his 'official' tax forms. Which includes not only his presidential salary but also any other income he receives from any other source.
  • It's official when he is richer and we are poorer. (I say that with tongue in cheek)
  • His official salary is $400,000, before taxes (which cannot be refused by law), but the perks are many. Official houses, transportation and such, but they still have to pay for living expenses, like food. Many former Presidents will make more money after they leave office than when they were actually getting their salary. President Trump has donated each of his quarterly salary checks so far. The first to the Department of the Interior, the second to the Department of Education and the third to the Department of Health & Human Services.
  • not sure but im sure they make more than i do

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