• That how I bought one of my cars a few years ago. The owner couldn't afford the fees, so the towing company applied for the title and when they received it they sold it to me. The car was worth about $2500 but I only paid $900 which was what they were due for storage fees, towing, and title fee. The tags were still on the vehicle. As long as the towing company can sell the car and get at least the amount owed to them, then no you aren't liable for storage fees. I have no idea about the plates though. I assume if they file for title, then they also get the plate.
  • They'll usually auction your car if you can't pay the fees, then you're not liable because they got their money back. I don't know about the plates. Some states the plates stay with the car, some states the plates stay with the owner to transfer to their new car. Most of the time, though, if you go there with the title proving it's yours, they'll let you get personal belongings out.
  • You can turn your title over to the towing company to pay for your fees. You will need to go to the place that has your car and remove the plates and hand them in. Make sure you keep all receipts for at least 4 years because if you get a flag on your license you won't be able to renew. This happened to me before. If your car is worth less than the fees, you will still be held liable unless the tow company agrees to write off the difference.

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