• Yes, if you find the right one where wealthy folks donate. I've gotten $40+ shirts for $2 or $3 many times as good as new!
  • My wife buys Anne Taylor Loft clothes there sometimes with the tags on!! She'll buy a $200 outfit for $20 she'll sometimes pay $40 because her conscience won't let her pay less.
  • Yes! I just bought a nice sweater for $3 for my freezing cold office that would've cost $30 or $40 at a regular store. A few years ago I bought an over coat that would've easily cost $200+ for around $30. Resale stores are like a box of choc-lits, you never know what you might find!
  • Yes, ours get stuff from brand new stuff from Target, shoe stores, and some wedding boutiques.
  • Yes they do sell. They are really inexpensive, you may want to try!!!
  • Yes, Goodwill DOES sell EXPENSIVE clothes at a very cheap price.
  • I've gotten some very good work outfits at both Goodwill and Salvation Army (we call them "Sally's Boutique";) Things like white long-sleeve shirts and slacks, belts, so forth. I wouldn't go buying shoes there, but everything else is usually pretty decent stuff. If you walk in and the place smells moldy or like mildew, GET OUT! The clothes you buy will always smell like that.
  • I've seen a lot of designer stuff there for cheap
  • They sell a lot of good second hand stuff. It all depends on luck when you go. They may have good stuff or just junk. I know people who do it faithfully, only look for certain things and do really good that way
  • Yes, there are great quality items in some Goodwill or thrift stores. Often designer clothes can be found for just a few dollars. To get the best deals, though you really need to go often and get to know the owner so you can find out when new things come in.

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