• i just learn to live with them - some days they are bad, sometimes months go by and i dont have a single one - i understand how they happen and that helps - its like staring straight at the saber toothed tiger and growling back at him LOL
  • Don't panic
  • Mine just come.. No reason, even in the night. So, there is no avoiding them.. Boy, I hate them. I take medication now because they were wreaking my life.
  • PANIC ATTACKS SUCK AND SEVERE ANXETY its tough living with them no cure no stopping them i try i am very calm try to not care about anything and ill get one of those damn anxiety attacks man for no reason
  • My hubby says he knows when there are about to happen as he has certain things that trigger them, and he sometimes can avoid the thing that triggers or because his main trigger is being confined in small space or being flat on his back and something that causes his asthma to act up and can't breath will make it happen. Hes had to actual have DR give him med. to take if he knows something like that is going to happen, like going to the dentist, is one of his triggers so he takes before he goes in, its called Ativan. Our daughter is same way and use same med. she will go long time with out problems then stress brings hers on. I just try to be there for them and love them its all I know to do and be understanding as I know you can't stop the attacks only learn to live though them.
  • I am 58 years old and just got sick and tired of having those attacks and now I am on meds and my life is so much better. Wish I had done it sooner.
  • Panic attacks are controllable, but it is never advisable to try to avoid them. Avoidance often leads to your anxiety becoming worse. So what will happen if you avoid the situations where your panic attack usually occurs is that you will end up feeding your anxiety and when you do go into that situation again, it will be a whole lot worse. Still Want to Know How to Avoid Panic Attack? If you are still not convinced and you are still hoping to find the answers for avoiding a panic attack, then the first thing to remember is that avoidance is not the best word. Prevention is what you should be looking into. However, whether you are looking at how to avoid panic attack or how to prevent a panic attack, you will soon realise that it is not always easy to know when a panic attack is going to occur. So it is not always possible to prevent or avoid an attack. The only way you could ever really find a way how to avoid panic attack is if you know when your attacks are likely to occur. Rather than avoid the situation, research ways in which you can control the attack. Overall when looking at how to avoid panic attack, it is better to think of it more in terms of prevention than avoidance. Avoidance can cause your anxiety to become worse so learning control techniques is definitely a better way to go about it.
  • When I feel a panic/anxiety attack coming on, I take a dose of Relacore. A dietary pill found in most grocery stores that is designed for 'weight loss' by controlling the anxiety hormones. The weight loss is BS but the calming effects are true. Of course medication isn't the best way to go, thearapy is.
  • They are controllable. I was taught a great method to control them, and have npt been troubled by them since. I have taught it to many others and they have told me it worked for them, too.

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