• I sure hope not. My hair has nearly always been dyed.
  • What kind of cancer? Cancer of the scalp?
  • Nahh!! Honey, if it did, I'd have been gone ages ago! I turned gray in my 20s and have dyed my hair for nearly 20 years!
  • they would'nt be sold if they did.
  • A few of the red dyes used in hair dying have been brought under questioning by the FDA, but either the studies proved inconclusive or they are still under way, can't remember which. I think one of the dyes was red 9, again not sure.
  • I heard something once about black hair dye and stomach cancer. *gulp* My hair is dyed jet black, has been for 5 years now. I re-dye it about every 3-4 months, usually just the roots though.
  • There are tons of things that are bad for our health that the government will not take off the shelves because they make so much money off of taxes off of them. My grandmother has been dying her hair for 40 years and now she has multiple myeloma. With it now being common for the dying of hair to start with teenagers, as it did with myself and my grandmother, 40 years may be before graying would become apparent. People can continue to be delusional about how it wouldn't be on the shelves if it caused cancer. Check out the FDA's website where they admit it causes cancer right there. I'm sorry, but that's enough to open my eyes to stop dying my hair. Maybe the day you or a loved one is diagnosed with this rare cancer and you put 2 and 2 together, just maybe it will open your eyes.
  • I do not know the exact answer, but I have noticed a correlation between women with blond hair and cancer. Ann Jillian, Susanne Somers, Christina Applegate, Amy Mickelson, Farrah Faucet and Sheryl Crow just to name a few. I know a few of these women have dyed their hair, but I am not sure about all of them.

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