• nope that is it-if something is not know than god done it is the answer-i perfer to say when i dont know something that i dont know-seems a little more honest to me----just my thoughts---smile and enjoy the night
  • Take the case of simple happenings. When some thing happens, three questions arise - what, how and why. You will get an answer to the first question within a short period of time. It is physical in nature. You have to spend more time to answer the second question. It is mental in nature. Different persons may give different answers for the third question. But you will never get a true answer for it - it is philosophical in nature. Many questions were asked in the ancient Hindu texts about the nature of Parama Atama (infinite soul, or Almighty) and Atma (soul). In the olden days, Gurus used to put these questions to disciples to test their knowledge. What is the constituent material of Almighty? All created materials are subject to decay and annihilation, Almighty is above the influence of decay and annihilation. He is eternal. Then is Almighty a void? In terms of material characteristics, Almighty is void (Soonya). Can this lead to the logic that Almighty is not there? No. Almighty is there. He is consciousness, the infinite consciousness. The Atma which is a finite piece of Almighty, according to Advaita Vedanta - the personal consciousness. Soul was created in the likeness of the Infinite Soul. Since Atma is only a minute piece of Almighty, is it subjected to annihilation? No. Atma is also eternal. Almighty represents infinite knowledge. How can the finite soul understand the gaps or inner meanings of infinite knowledge?
  • In my way of thinking...the human race (in general) wants a supreme being to be capable of performing the unexplainable or seemingly impossible, otherwise their status as a higher power is up for debate. So, belief in God comes from worship of a being capable of doing things you could never dream mystery...nothing to worship.
  • Man is weak and needs coping mechanisms for almost anything that doesn't have a quick and easy answer. It is what it is.
  • Here's some reading for you...(warning) it is long.
  • Should people "Believe" only that which our senses can "Prove"??? If so, we can't "Believe" in the "Big Bang" as we can't "Prove" the "Singularity" can we??? If we don't Believe in God then how can we "Prove" we Exist & the "Intellect" we use isn't "Flawed"??? John
  • That's just a fancy way of saying that if you don't know how something happens then goditit.
  • I think that is an excellent explanation!
  • Read Romans 9.
  • Is it rational to apply supernatural answers to the real world?
  • I'd add an inability to say, "I don't know."
  • Dawkins pretty much nails things down in his charming pit-bull style. He's about as subtle as a B-52 but he gets the job done. +4
  • God cannot be proven by looking through a microscope but God can be proven by looking within beyond the thoughts beyond the Ego.
  • Richard Dawkins has no training in that subject and ought to keep his bullshit to himself. It is a disgrace to pretend he knows something when he doesn't.

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