• I didn't know they existed. I find that slightly worrying...
  • What's up with you and naked questions? You should move to a nude colony or something. Anyway, I don't know. I'd have to see them and see just how visual it really is.
  • ........what the hell? You serious? That is just disrupting our privacy.
  • Well, I feel sorry for the security guards!
  • whatever it takes.....
  • Apparently I am not the only one who isn't nuts about it..,,2087-1348172,00.html
  • I feel that i need to look into that job.
  • I didnt know they could do this. But I did know that your laptop computer is no longer your own, if the government wants to take a peak they can and will, so beware where ever you take your laptop,it is no longer your own!!!
  • Two things come immediately to mind. When it is time to find a new job... I have a security background. Please write your username across your back in magic glitter paint, so that I know who you are as you pass. 2d... I'm going to Doctor John's (the local store that sells toys of a certain variety), and I'm going to buy "Ginormous Rex"... (It's the one with twin outboard motors, 5 speed with overdrive, a saftey harness and a helmet - in case you get thrown off). I will then stuff Mr. Ginormous down my trousers, to see if I get an extra bag of pretzels on the plane.

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