• I think the only difference between a city or town/village, etc. is in the government of such. In an incorporated city, the state and county delegates powers and allows citizens to create and vote for officials. A city is legally recognized by the state as a government entity, whereas a town or villiage is not. That's not to say that a town or village can not have a government , it's just not viewed as a separate enitity of government by the state or county. A 'town' however, does require a minimum population.
  • In the UK the definition of a city is some area where there is a cathedrals within the one council duristriction. "The Cambridge English Dictionary defines 'city' as 'a large town' or 'any town in the UK which has a cathedral'."
  • Is the organized development still legal and binding if 75 percent of the population are Zombies?

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