• no. it will result in increased saturated fat and build up of fat.
  • Dnt listen to that lazy answer from a lazy person who hasnt got a clue what he is on about as lond as you dont cosume it with a large amount of refined carbs which are probably worse, you probably will. People seem to think that sat fats are bad but believe me its far from the truth. I eat a diet which consists of 40% protein and 40% fats and only 15-20 % carbs and i am a very fit indivual. I am also a model and see this diet as a very usefual way of burning fat.I am 6 foot and weigh 170 pounds. And am far from having a heart attack. The answer that you have recieved is just regurgitating a load of useless facts that cannot be becked up. Losers I hope this helped as long as you also eat a good amount of protein which is generally found with sat fats. Such as cheese and red meat.
  • nope...i dont think ll lead to accumulation of fat in the body...i.e.,increase in LDL content in the body...but not leads to muscle hypertrophy... hypertrophy:which means increase in size of the cell...which usually happens in under stress conditions{when the cell had to work more}

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