• Thats why the iraqis kill each other. Alcohol is illegal, they cant look at women, and it stinks. just a thought. lets build those guys some bars.
  • Very good, cleaner, less fights and healthier people, who might realise you don't need it to have a good time. But people would get really bored and start vandalising things more in the day, and less funny stories could be told.
  • a world w/o alcohol? no bars, no bar men, and the beer factory owners don't exist... more old folk's homes around, as more chances of living no beer-belly figures..isn't that sounds healthy?... hey, no 'drink, drive and die' slogan ever made... uhh...basically more advantages, anyone agree?
  • Pumby Umby Umpkin said "cleaner" and thats really how I see the world being as well. I think the world might be a bit more serious, but only in the short term. Perhaps society would become slightly more sophisticated? I say that, as there would be no stupification, no numbing of minds and social situations. Of course, you would also be saying goodbye to the sophisticated wine and brewing establishments. That loss of those are small enough that the art of good food could pick up the slack though. A big loss of Tax revenue, so either something else will have to be taxed, or the people may gain more freedom from the government: whether or not that would be a good thing depends on the society in question though I think. A complex question! I like it! I have much thinking to go before I reach a final answer....
  • Prohibitionist. They tried it here in the states. Didn't work out to well.
  • Great, wonderful, better, good.
  • A dope dealer's paradise? I wonder who is going to be the Seagram's family of weed?
  • It would certainly be a lot quieter, since there would be no raucous drunks..on the other hand, toasting a special event with orange juice wouldn't be as much fun as with something sparkling and bubbly..although I suppose one could always add club soda to the orange juice! :)
  • Soft? Fizzy?
  • dry...
  • better
  • The roads would be a lot safer. Many children and wives would he less bruises. People would do a lot less careless and thoughtless things, there would be less accidental pregnancies and affairs or at least you couldn't use that as an excuse. Some foods would be less interesting and I would miss a cold beer or a nice glass of wine on occasion. But I guess it would be a better world overall.
  • I would not because they are natural and healthy as long as we don't sell our soul to them.
  • Don't let me in.

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