• in my book it is state sanctioned murder
  • Murder is the taking of someones life - so yes it is for whatever reason the murder occurred it is still murder.
  • Depending in the context that you are using the word execution.
  • Yes, then again execution is an acceptable method of ridding our planet of scum, so I see nothing wrong with it.
  • Execution is a so called legal form of murder,but still murder.It has no place in a civilized nation and is a disgrace.
  • Offcourse. Killing humans or any animals for the sake of punishment, taking revenge, to teach lession, to make profit, to consume as food etc, all such acts come under murder. Some involve directly and some indirectly in this activity.
  • This is not a clear cut answer. It depends who the state is, how it got its authority, and who it's executing.
  • Nope. We execute murderers, so the terms must be different. I see a murderer as one who takes a life maliciously... outside of the law. An execution takes place inside the law.
  • If you mean execution by the state, then no it is not murder. Murder is the intentional unlawful killing of another. If the killing is not unlawful, then it is not murder. This is true whether it's a state imposed execution or a justifiable homicide.
  • Before I could give a complete answer to this question, I would need to know what would happen if the person to be executed was a murderer. What if the murderer wasn't executed? And what if they then went and murdered someone else? Would those who refused to kill the murderer then become accessories to murder?
  • No.In that case all verbs would become murders!(LOL!!)
  • Ask the victims family of their murdered son or daughter.
  • yes it is,what do you call the execution of benazir bhutto?
  • I call it murder do you?
  • It depends. If you are talking about criminals who commited heinous crimes such as murder being punished for those crimes by having their own life ended by the government then no it isn't murder. If you are talking about someone like the person who killed Ms Bhutto taling a person's life because they don't agree with their political views and feel they are an enemy to the government or to a religion then yes that's murder.
  • In my own opinion I feel sometimes execution is in fact completely necessary. I feel that if someone is going to do wrong onto another humanbeing then they should therefore be charged with the death penalty depending on the extent of the crime that has been caused. I also feel though that on some levels execution is completely unecessary and unlawfully wrong.
  • Legally, no. Generally speaking, murder is legally identified by its common law definition, "an unlawful killing with malice aforethought." A state execution has complied with procedural and substantive due process requirements, and is therefore not "illegal," so it isn't murder.
  • you can be executed for murder but you can't be murdered for executing
  • in my humble opinion ,yes it is.i have never agreed with death makes me feel sick thinking about it.i'm glad i live in a country where it's not the moment
  • Murder is the taking of ones life, but sometimes it should be done. I believe more than just murderers should die. I have worked in an institution and I have seen inmates come in who have raped all ages of children. From a 1day old newborn on up. They should die. They should be "Murdered". That is enough to be murdered for.
  • No. An execution is conducted lawfully and in accordance with legal due process. A murder is not. There are times when murders are executions (such as someone killing a death row inmate), but executions are not murders.
  • In my opinion, any taking of human life that is NOT in self-defence is murder.
  • Probably to some people but to me it would be an eye for an eye!
  • That depends on whether you're going by the legal or ethical definition of murder. Under the legal definition of murder, no. Because the legal definition of murder is, of course, engineered specifically to exclude state-sanctioned executions. Under my own ethical definition of the term though, "Murder" is any killing in which the owner of the life being taken does not want to die. So yes, the majority of executions, I'd say, are murders. I think there are some cases in which it's completely justified and in fact probably necessary to remove a person from the general populus for the rest of their life, but I don't think execution is justified unless that person has an absolute %0 chance of ever being a functional member of society within their lifetime, which definitely isn't the case for all the people who are legally executed the way things are now.
  • Taking someones life, whether its justified or not, is murder. Sometimes people say its necessary, as in "An eye for an eye" but personally I think that its wrong to kill someone for any reason. When it comes down to it, in this world it won't matter whether there is a reason or not, people kill people...and we can't really prevent it, we see it in movies where people die and no one really cares, like a guard at the door...I hate it, but thats just my opinion, murderers have it a lot easier than the people murdered right? They shouldn't get the same treatment as the victims, I think that life in prison it A LOT worse than death.
  • No. Execution is the punishment for murder. Murder is the unwarranted killing of another without justifiable circumstances. Execution by it's definition is not murder but punishment lawfully handed down to a murderer.
  • Imagine a man who gets sexual pleasure from raping a small child, then gets further pleasure from watching the child as he strangles/stabs/mutilates them. Then he discards their body as if it was garbage. What if the child was yours. O please spare this killer, he know not what he does, let's save his life so he can fantasise and get off on the memory and maybe he will be released and kill your other children.

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