• Both sciatica and restless leg syndrome can be difficult to ease. For sciatica, bed rest helps some people, others, not. Your doctor may want to address the underlying cause and may prescribe medicine to relieve pain, inflammation and relax muscles. Physical therapy may help. Surgery may be a last resort. For restless leg syndrome, new research indicates sufferers have double the risk of heart disease and stroke! If there is an underlying cause, such as diabetes, then the cause needs to be treated. If there is no underlying cause, there are a few tips. Keep a regular sleep pattern. Try vitamin supplements. Moderate exercise can help. A hot bath, a leg massage or using a heating pad or ice pack might help. Take in less nicotine, caffeine and alcohol. Your doctor may prescribe medication that would alleviate some symptoms. Good luck.
  • I have RLS and suffered for more tha 10 years before I was diagnosed. The other answers are worth trying but not all people respond the same. I would also add Quinine as a possible treatment. In my case, I would only sleep 45 min to an hour and then had to get up and walk around for 45 - 1 hour befor laying down again. Now I am on Requip 1.5 mg 1 hour before bed and I can sometimes sleep all night. I still wake up once or twice most nights but I just roll over and go back to bed. The side effects are slight nausea about 1 hour after taking the pill and sometimes it is difficult to stay awake during very boring meetings. See a neurologist for diagnosis,
  • I have RLS but it is caused by another drug that I Doctor gives me another medication to stop my legs moving in my sleep.
  • I have syatica very bad and have with all of my kids. I would suggest a hot bath before bedtime to calm your muscels so you can sleep. I also use a hot water bottle on my back when I sleep. Try using a body pillow between your legs to keep them as if you were in a standing postition as to keep weight and pressure off one side more than the other.
  • Good luck I also have it! I found the only way to ease mine is through medication and sitting in the jacuzzi.
  • My Chiropractic works for me!!

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