• Well when it's 4 months old...
  • What did you put in it? What recipe and method did you use?
  • Watch out here come two meatballs and yes your sauce now officially has two brown floaters in it.
  • My guess is that you cooked it in a metalic pan. (Cast iron or something like that.) Tomato sauce is very acidic, and you need to cook it in a non-reactive pan to keep it really red. It shouldn't really affect the taste, it just makes the sauce very dark reddish brown, rather than the brighter red you are used to.
  • Mine usually turns brown when I have not cooked it long enough. Even when I use a basic tomato sause and add it to browned me, you need to let the sause sit on med-low for about 40 minutes or so. I notice mine will develope more in colour when it has been sitting longer. Good luck with that!
  • if you had onions in it it could be that they were over caramelized. if you put it in a metal pan that could be the problem tomato reacts with metal . Also if you overcook it it could get brown. especially if it is high in sugar.

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