• I doubt it.
  • Generally, you are not allowed to make anyone think you are a police officer, and I know civillian cars cannot have blue lights. (In NC, of course) But I've driven my mom's police car on occasion for general errands.
  • Here in California, I've seen them sell used police cars, so yes you can buy one and drive it. However, they have been stripped of the lights, siren, cage and decals.
  • I believe that would be illeagal. But if you could, you would never have to worry about red lights again. ;)
  • Yes, you can tell who's using a former police cruiser by the double rear view mirror.
  • Here's a site that sells used police cars in California:
  • No, that's illegal. And buying a used one is pointless. Think about how police drive them they are pushing the car to it's limit all the time, so by the time you get it, it's in baaad shape. Plus, the used ones get the mods taken from the motor
  • I see ex cop cars all the time where I live. But at least here, when the old Chevy Caprice or Ford Crown Victoria is sold, the lights, siren, everything comes off, although they might leave the spotlight. I have never seen a ex cop car with the emergency lights. I have never seen a cop car still in service for sale.
  • You can buy a used police vehicle. This vehicle will not have a siren or lights on it, so that will answer one of your questions. The outside markings on the used police vehicle will be gone, so that will eliminate impersonating a police officer. And, since you realize that you are not a police officer, you should have no problems. Used police cars are sold everyday to the public.
  • In the UK, no. If it looks like a police car it falls under the category of impersonating a police officer.
  • Yep. Most taxi cabs are "retired" police cars.
  • I'd really be surprised if there is any jurisdiction in the USA where you could buy a (surplus?) police car that has not had all identifying police insignia and equipment removed. You should probably talk with the police prior to making such a purchase. Better safe than sorry!!! Good luck ... and always drive RESPONSIBLY!!!!!
  • no not tagged a a patrole car you can buy a former police car stripped of lights sirens, badges etc but it will remain the engine and suspension packages
  • id get one with every thing still left on it, of course i would get arrested... if they could catch me!!

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