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  • No, because the 8 ball says so.
  • Here go here and get some sex education
  • Some best friend. Drunk, unprotected sex is more likely to result in an unwanted pregnancy than considered, responsible, respectful, protected sex. If semen is in her vagina and she is ovulating then chances of pregnancy are high, very high. Stupid Irresponsible Reckless Dangerous Pick your own summary
  • She probably will. Pre-ejaculate fluid has sperm in it as well, so even if he did pull out successfully prior to ejaculating he may have impregnated her. Sperm are also VERY strong swimmers. She's also more likely to get pregnant if the intercourse happened within the week before her period. Her body is far more fertile and the vagina's conditions much more favorable for pregnancy during ovulation. If this happened within the last 72 hours, Danice can still take the "morning-after pill" to greatly reduce her chances of becoming pregnant. Please note however that this is a difficult option in some states.
  • The hopefully now-sober 21 year old Mark has reasons to worry. Danice should get a pregnancy test to find out. This should put Mark and Danice's friendship to the test. Good luck to them.
  • i take it somebody had a little bit too much fun on new years? well hopefully she won't cuz i doubt anybody can take care of it at the time, but there's still a chance she might not. [those chances are low low low so mark better hope that he's lucky as hell.] i don't encourage the morning after but if she's desperate which she just might be, do it. and hopefully mark learns a lesson that only needs to be taught once.
  • thats depends on whether Danice was ovulating or not.
  • 21 year old Mark is not mature enough to be drinking or sleeping with people. If semen was ejaculated into the vagina, then yes, Danice, who's every bit as irresponsible as Mark, can become pregnant. They can also have passed along a sexually transmitted disease to each other. Stick to Pepsi, Mark.
  • She could be. Pre-ejaculate can get the job done too.

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