• There is none. You can drink a gallon of water, you can drink 55 gallons of water, you can drink a whole swimming pool of water - this will not "flush" the drug out of your system any faster. It can be detected in urine tests 2 weeks to as high as 11 weeks, depending on how much and how saturated your body is. I mean if you had a doobie with a couple of friends this weekend your system will not be loaded with it, compared to the dude or dudette who smokes 5 or more joints a day, every day for the past year - they will have saturated their system which means every cell and organ will be dumping the drug into the waste system (urine) for some time to come. All of these so called "flush" diets do not cause organs to suddenly release their load of chemicals, they can unlock individual cells, they can not cause the body to process chemicals faster. Now there are some chemicals which are attracted to other chemicals so "detox" products for natural toxin build-up in the body is a different story. THC (the active ingredient of Marijuana) will remain tightly bonded with cells and your chemistry, and requires a longer time to be flushed out of the system. You can't rush mom nature. Many are in jail right now who believed that they could cheat on the drug test...

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