• It depends on whether this is for personal use or business (heavy duty). For personal printing, I've been thru a lot of different multifunction devices, and I've finally concluded that Canon is the brand I have the most success with... in terms of reliability. If you're getting a business printer, I'd advise leasing a fairly heavy unit from one of the big names... e.g. a copier/printer combination with some muscle. The network isn't really very relevant -- any computer can be hooked up to the network with an appropriate adapter available in the computer store... you don't have to limit yourself to models which have a built-in wireless or even Ethernet connection. Just ask the store to sell you a printer network adapter appropriate to your (presumably) wireless-G network.
  • We have an HP multifunction printer/copier/fax and it works really well. We have a Linksys network, but we don't use it with the computer that is on the wireless network. We use it for the PC. So...I can't tell you how it works.
  • I have HP printer
  • We use a Samsung on our wireless network with Linksys and it works just fine.
  • The best printers are HP or Epson. If you don't get one that has a network card built in you will have to use a print server so anyone on the network can print to it. You can set one computer that is networked to act as the print server. it is really simple to do. If you are interested, I can help you configure it. Scott

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