• Try to work out the Issues, but in the end it all comes down to weather your happy. If your not happy, no matter how much you love him you may have to second guess yourself. If you are, just be open with him, discuss your expectations. It may take time but time is worth happyness. If you can trust him working out problems will be a lot eaiser. So make sure you have that trust in him.
  • Almost everyone who gets married is 'in love' - but look at the divorce rates....if you are not feeling cherished by him now, do you honestly believe time will change things??? I can't give you an answer to your dilemma...but I wish you well in your future.
  • 1) Actions speak louder than words. 2) Life is to short to settle.
  • Hmm... since you say he wants to stay together I think he has made his mind up. But then again you say his actions blur his words. Its your decision. Life is short.
  • he has issues.
  • I say you try to work out the issues but if nothing changes eventually your going to have to move on the same thing happened to my sister she got her hopes up but it only ended up breaking her heart but she knew it was for the best and now she has a new boyfriend and happier than ever she's also now stronger than ever .
  • Try and work it out, talk to him about it. Also another thing you need to prioritize before him is yourself. I'm sure you love him and all, but how happy do you feel with him? Do you feel like he pays attention to you? Do you feel appreciated? Do you feel loved by him? (not in a sexual way) You do sound a little young, but I could be wrong. You need to learn that your happiness will always need to be more important that staying with the person you "love". Honestly, people, like your bf, who are like that in a relationship, will more than likely never change when they get married. Then comes the divorce and all that other trouble. Just think about it carefully. There are many guys out there wanting to give the world to their special someone, willing to do anything to keep the relationship happy and mutual, not one sided like yours seems.
  • i'll say sit down and work it out.
  • It's better to end it now, rather than saving the heartache for later. I know that is not what you want to hear, but I went through the same thing. I don't want you to get hurt like I did.
  • When his actions make you feel like he doesn't want to be with you, does the memory of his "words" make you feel warm and loved? Probably not. And this is why you have to base your decision on what they do, not what they say.
  • Move on hon. He doesn't know for sure what he wants and he's dragging you along his trail of confusion.
  • Here's the thing about men that most men don't realize and most women ignore. They WANT to work for you. They want to be rewarded for their work to get you. If you are sitting around making yourself needy and desperate like the tone of this question is leading me to think you are, there will be trouble in paradise. The man will feel subconciously unfulfilled and you will feel "less" about yourself because your need to be loved and cherished is not being met. 1) Tell him in order for this relationship to work you demand that he get involved in some form of counseling where you both can get your problems ironed out because you feel he is unhappy and not admitting it and you care too much about the both of you to let this go on. You deserve this attention to the problem and if he doesn't agree, leave. Let him know you mean business. Don't worry what he thinks. He needs to start worrying about what YOU think. Trust me it's good for him. He is no more happy being like he is than you are right now. He needs to walk the walk, not just talk the talk to make you leave him be.
  • ACTIONS speak a lot louder than words .... Judge him by what he does ; NOT by what he says .... How HAPPY are you going to be in a year from now IF your relationship stays like it is now ?? Only YOU know what YOU must do ... +5
  • If you want to save the relationship just talk to him seriously if there's something wrong with you or the relationship. Just be honest on what you feel about your situation and what is bothering you. Misunderstanding is just normal for a relationship, just be open to each other since you are partners already.
  • Try talking to him about it, preferably in a nice romantic setting without too much drama.
  • Get relationship counseling.
  • Love should never be enough of a reason to stay together. There should also be respect.
  • you haven't described the actions that you say make you feel this way it's hard for me to discern how he feels other than based on what he said. In other words why do you feel he doesn't want to be with you after he told you that he does?

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