• I don't know how others do that. But here's what I do: I no longer try to humble myself. When I brag, people think that I'm so full of myself. But when I do humble myself, people think I'm phoney. It's like a damned if you, damned if you don't situation.
  • When you have made someone feel terrible about themselves.
  • by realizing that we are not worthy of anything good - and being *thankful* for all we receive.
  • By realising that you are human and just the same as everybody else, not better not worse.
  • I learned to become humble after working in a hospital as a operator , people would call asking if their loved ones were alive and I was not allowed to tell them no . It gave my heart so much
  • if you're not generally a humble person it might be hard. i am in no way a humble person by nature, but i'm so afraid of becoming arrogant that i hope i can avoid that and just work towards being humble. i guess it has to do with realizing you're human and that you really aren't any better than anybody else then from there, realize that something out there is - God and so try to put yourself in your place. be modest - don't flaunt your beauty. be passive - but not a pushover. and accept your faults for what they are and then try to work on them hopefully i helped you
  • keep yourself queit to everything
  • It's impossible. I have too much going for me. lol
  • no arrogance. I always try to put myself in others place... be grateful and thankful to GOD for everything , everyday. what did Christ say, "lest we become like these little children."
  • This answer makes me uneasy because it doesn't sound humble but anyway. This is my personal guide, I am sinful and no good of myself, therefore I do not claim anything in or of myself. And I rather want to place others ahead of myself.
  • I do not think you can humble yourself. I think you have to have a humbling experience to be humbled. I had a very humbling experience not long ago, and i will never be the same. It shows you that you are only human and life is very short, sometimes too short. When it happens you will know
  • You can humble yourself by being slow to anger and learning to hold your tongue in a lot of things. You must have a great deal of patience and learn to communicate effectively with people. The best way to humble yourself is to learn to adopt the characteristics of Christ.
  • fasting, or looking out over great distances or really bright amazing sunscapes. Thinking about really big, long, deep, distant, and sweet stuff. Noticing that you have done wrong or, less than you could, and making a change to better yourself.
  • Humility begins with a sober and vigilant look at ourself. Once we understand that we are fallible creatures of clay and subject to error and default, we will be mindful of the reality of our low estate. Willis S.B.

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