• Originally, it was assumed by most readers that Rogue's white streak was a side effect of her mutation--little odd features of appearance that have nothing to do with their powers often crop up among mutants. Consider Polaris' green hair, Magneto's white hair (even when he was young), Quicksilver's white hair, Gambit's red eyes, etc. Later, it was humorously implied that Rogue has actually been dying her white streak into her hair all along, for reasons unknown. The idea of the dye is not a very popular answer, and is ignored by most readers.
  • It's commonly believed to be a result of her mutation. When she was first introduced, her writers told the artists to draw her with white streaks in her hair, but neglected to tell them that she was a young girl. As a result, she was drawn as a frumpy, old woman with white roots. In the next issue she is drawn as the Rogue we all know and love today.
  • For some reason I remember it being shock that caused it when she was young and her powers wee revealed to her.

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