• Many seem to know, some of them quite accurately. However, many different dates are given, some of them are already in the past. 1) "The Tribulation (or "Great Tribulation") is an event referred to in the New Testament of the Bible at Matthew 24:21 ("For then shall be great tribulation..." - King James Version) and other passages. In the futurist view of Christian eschatology, the Tribulation is a relatively short period of time where believers will experience worldwide persecution and be purified and strengthened by it. This view was introduced to the modern church by John Nelson Darby, the father of dispensationalism, became widely accepted through the notes in the Scofield Reference Bible of 1909, and was recently popularized through the novels in the Left Behind series. In the Christian preterist view the Tribulation took place in the past when Roman legions destroyed Jerusalem and its temple in 70 AD, and it affected the Jewish people rather than all mankind. This is a view that is growing in influence among certain scholars and theologians. historicist view also, the Tribulation came upon the Jewish people, beginning in 70 AD. A historicist approach was taken by Martin Luther and John Calvin, and prevailed among Protestants from the Reformation until the rise of dispensationalism. Some modern historicists see the Tribulation as continuing upon the Jews through the centuries, perhaps culminating in the Holocaust, and ending with the restoration of the state of Israel or the return of Jerusalem to Jewish control" Source and further information: 2) Further views about the Tribulation: "I heard that it was just announced by David Booth that the third secret of Fatima is to be interpreted as the great tribulation starting Oct. 13, 2004. The answer is NO. End times have already started." "This Clock is based upon the ancient Mayan Calendar, ending on DEC 22 2012 AD. Many Scholars believe this is the date for the "end of the world" as we know it, the coming of a great Savior (in a spaceship of a million years) or both." "All of these "theories" are incorrect and the correct beginning of world war 3 can be shown to begin immediately after the middle of the end-times 7 year period, right after the abomination of desolation takes place." "The Tribulation Week-- the 70th Week of Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27) begins! What an awesome thought! Like an athelete in a world class event, the Tribulation Week picks up the pace immediately. Already, events have been momentous just getting to the Start of the Week. The confirmation of the covenant by Antichrist (Daniel 9:27) will give those who are watching the certainty that the Tribulation has actually begun." "Even accepting the limitation of small numbers and a flawed model, the conclusion can be stated very strongly. The First Seal event is likely scheduled for 9 Av 2006. The Tribulation is about to begin." "We believe without a shadow of a doubt that the Pre-Trib Rapture teaching will be proven correct in the very near future."'s%20Removed%20-%20Part%20IV.html " I have an estimation based on the genealogies listed in Scripture, current events, history and other sources and the best I can say is we are three to 10 years away from the Tribulation. This is just an estimation and given with an open mind to what God is doing. But we are very close."
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      Hi iwnit. Long time no see. I originally thought you asked the question when I answered and was kinda excited to see you here. As regards Mt 24:1-3, you may find this interesting:
  • Ya' know some say that atheist are dangerous...I don't think so. I think all these "Hell bent fire & brimstone can't wait for the end of times" whacko's are the scary ones!
  • Riiiiight - mmmk, wellllll, this is the sort of question that most people would look at you and if they were polite would approach you with the same response that I offered in the first three words. However, there is a growing "tension" worldwide as many people are becoming aware of, or rather, being divinely inspired to realize that we are presently standing in the midst of the last days of this age. Whether a divine spark of understanding, or an outright visitation from a angel (or two), there are many who would tell you the pages of Revelation are unfolding. Anyone who watches the news can pick bits and pieces and point to the pages of Revelation and say "see - this is happening exactly as foretold". Of course, at any point in the 2000 years of history anyone could have picked at bits and pieces of the pages of Revelation and pointed to events of their day and said the same thing. There are some differences however. One particular precondition for the events of Revelation was the formation of Israel as a Jewish state. So all of those folks who sold off their belongings and stood on a hillside back in the 1800's waiting for God to come down and get them on a specific date really WERE about as foolish as it all sounds. (I apologize for how sloppy this is - on the fly - unedited...sorry) Well meaning individuals, AND dippy quacks throughout history have pulled apart the bible looking for a date and time for Revelation to "begin". Guess what - it simply isn't that easy. It isn't that God doesn't want people to know when Revelation is supposed to take place - it is merely that God doesn't want everyone to know. The bible is pretty clear on that. It says that only the wise will know. It also says a whole lot of other things that sound contradictory to that. I could go into lengthy diatribe on how language has changed since the first English translation and now subsequent translations have butchered subtleties even more, but thats not particularly interesting and it doesn't really answer your question. You want a date and a time. The reality is that most people would consider that a ludicrous question. Most people would mock your incredible naivety for even asking such a thing. And on some level most people would be right. But they all secretly have the exact same question on their mind, or have secretly asked the exact same thing themselves - if they even have enough spiritual faith to believe in such things. And it is that people ask these questions that inspire people to seek answers and study and learn. In all of this study and learning there are multitudes of opinions and ridiculous claims. If anyone comes to you and says "see here - this proves this and that proves that - they would be wrong. We do not as yet have enough information to come to an exact conclusions as to the date and time for Revelation to begin. We do have clues though. Revelation says that no man shall know the day or the hour. Here is one of those "language" tricks I was talking about. This is not saying that no one is ever going to have an answer. Its actually the way the Jews in the olden days expresses a particular thought - "day and hour" was a phrase that was used to mark an exact date. SO to say that no man shall know the day and the hour is actually a way of saying that no man shall know the exact moment - not that no man shall know the date. Its actually a pretty specific way of stating that yes - we CAN KNOW the date or day or time frame - but we just won't be able to narrow it down to the minute. WE also know from reading the bible that Revelation will begin in a sabbath year. Well - that is pretty specific. Sabbath years come every seven years and we know when they are. The next one is 2009. The next one after that is 2016. There are other preconditions for the Revelation to unfold. Yes - earthquakes and famines and wars and rumours of wars and so forth - well - there is why anyone over the last 2000 years could have expected Revelation at any time - we have always had these things and then some. Then there is the "seventy weeks of Daniel". Ill let you read up on that yourself because this is getting lengthy. "Knowledge will increase and men will run "to and fro". Well - the internet exploding on the horizon and the incredible expansion of knowledge in the last 50 years where we have gone from a people whose elders were born into a world that didn't have electricity or television or cars or indoor plumbing to a world where we can pick up a phone and talk instantly to anyone around the world or space for that matter - have people living on a space station, have mapped the human genome and can get on a plane and fly around the world at the same speed as its rotation. My grandmother was born into that world of horses and buggies and no cars and no electricity and no indoor plumbing and her youngest son not only was an electrician but was an electrical engineer that worked on the electrical components of a NASA spacecraft that landed on the moon. Suffice to say - knowledge has definitely increased and men are certainly running to and fro - and often. The signs are all there - but are they? EVEN IF all of the signs and preconditions are there or seem to be there - can we really know , or do we really know?. At best educated guesses are about all anyone can offer you with complete honesty. If a well studied person were to sit down and try and calculate to the best of their knowledge....based on the information the bible has to offer, then that "best guess" would be midway into 2009, about late June, would begin the first 3 1/2 year segment of the seven years of Revelation. The end of 2012 in December would be something of the "main event" where the second segment of 3 1/2 years begins - the main event being the utter and total cosmic fireworks of the day of terror when the earth is blanketed with meteorites and bits of cosmic debris raining down all over the earth, and where a pole shift occurs (one way of having every continent and island moved out of its place). There is a lot of room for disagreement about the logistics for how exactly some of the destruction described would actually take place. There is an active volcano, a mountain - that is precariously slipping - coming apart- on an island off the coast of western Africa that is a very good candidate for the described mountain that falls into the sea that is to cause a huge tidal wave...of course a comet hitting the earth could also qualify for that. Anyway, - I digress. I personally believe the pages of Revelation are unfolding before our eyes, and I think the time is clearly at hand. I didn't always believe this. I for one was struck with that bit of "divine inspiration" and direction. 2016 could be the start date time frame - or seven years from that. More will be revealed, but each day the news brings signs that lead me to believe we are far closer than I originally thought - far closer. I speak of this with people I am close to and I am mocked. I strongly urge you to exercise prudence in your discussions and to whom you discuss things with. Not everyone is supposed to understand these things. There are those who desperately want to understand these things who I think are just full of crap. There are studied theologians that I think are full of crap - or full of themselves. And anyway - you can't live your life as though "revelation" is coming so just don't bother. Just live your life as you normally would and exercise your spiritual side and go forth about your business with the understanding that God could be coming around the corner at any time. You might get hit by a bus after all and beat everyone to the punch. If you had a play book and could know the exact minute all hell was going to break loose - what would that really change for you? OK - so you might not go and buy a new car or you might get better home insurance but seriously - you are alive until you are not and God has expectations for how you are to conduct yourself - regardless of when and where Revelation and all its consequences are to unfold, and most people are better off not knowing anything because if they did they would panic and act stupid. Be spiritually prepared for every new day of the rest of your life. Educate yourself and your children. Live life - play fair, eat right, and be nice to animals. In other words - just go and live. But if I were a gambler and I could place a bet on the date personally - I would shoot for mid June of next year for the festivities to really start rocking . Yes - we are living in the most remarkable time in history - and most are blissfully unaware. That's the way God intended it to be. Read up and you'll come to the same conclusion. If I lost that bet - I'd make the next bet 7 years later come the next known sabbath year. Read up - you'll understand how important those Sabbath years are to the prophesy.
  • When 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 V-16 takes place. At this point in time the seven years of Tribulation will began. It may not seem to bad to many. Until after the first half or three years & six months of the seven years has taken place. For during that first half there will be a peace contract made by the Anti-Christ. And it will be broken after the first 3 1/2 years of the 7 years. Read the books of Daniel, Jeremiah 1 V's 13..... & Joel Ch 3 V-2...Also in Ezekiel 38 V-2 & V-15, 16, 17....& in Zechariah Ch: 14 V-2. & Revelation 9 V-14 Those are just a few that tell about this time, and things to take place during it. But after this seven years. Jesus Christ will return back to earth setting his feet on the mount of Olives in Zechariah Ch:14 V-4. And this is when he put this war to a end.
  • Hello iwnit, long time no see. No one knows the day or the hour but here is a little info of what order things may take place in: Events Leading Up to Armageddon
  • The book of Revelation is the final outcome of all our history...and describes the end of our present wicked system ..St to the time this ending starts...Jesus said... (Matthew 24:36)
  • The long and short of it is nobody knows, But the Bible has "Sign's" here is a link to an article What is the Sign of the Last Days or End Times? I hope this helps.
  • No. Matthew 24:36
  • Ive been waiting my entire life so far its not like any of you people are going to throw down is it? Everyone of the babyboomers are gutless sell outs. The lot of them have stood there and did nothing my entire life every year little by little our rights and wealth have been erroded away.
  • I am a strong follower of Yashua. I study the word daily and read about the word. Jesus Christ, Yashua, said no one knows the day or the hour, not the angels, not even Himself only God, Yahweh, knows the end. Before then will be the tribulation and the millennial kingdom. It was prophesied of me back in 1997, that I would be alive at the time of the rapture. Then a couple of weeks later the same pastor said, "I don't know what it means but you are covered with the brightest green leaves." Today, I do not know what the green leaves mean, but someday I will. About a year ago while sound asleep I suddenly sat upright in bed and Yahweh said to me, "Look for something spectacular to happen between 2029 and 2034" I asked Him, "What is this? the rapture? the tribulation?" He only repeated to look for something spectacular to happen. I don't know what it means but in time it will be told of me. According to what Yashua said in Mathew 24, all those signs are coming to pass now, the rapture and the tribulation are at hand now. What is important is for all people to be ready and become the children of Yahweh, to have Yashua as their Saviour.
  • As soon as the ad break is over, and everyone has settled down with their popcorn and nachos.

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