• It depends...When was the last time you smoked weed? And when are you taking a drug test?
  • today, i drank a gallon off water yesturday
  • Probably not.. It stays in your system for 30 days. I would get a cleanser. then you will defineatly pass...
  • depends on how good the drug test is...goldenseal from the health food store and massive amounts of water will help. drink vinegar the morning before the test.
  • It takes 30 days for weed to get out of your system completely. If you drink lots of water and cranberry juice, you should be fine. I would recommend a cleanser as well.
  • No. You will not pass... depending on metabolism you need about 2 weeks to a month for a urine test... about 2 -4 months for a hair test.
  • If you pass anything....Please pass the joint
  • No you wont pass. If your piss is clear from consuming extra water, your test will be inconclusive. Giving you more time to clean out before retesting. To pass a drug test...Dont smoke weed
  • yah if u drink like a gallon a day or even more and dont do ANY MORE
  • no - listen 30 days no matter what.. you could try the speacial formulas and the test will still show postive.. capful of bleach dude no more and youll pass . i did and im a true weed head..
  • ** I dont thinks so.. good Luck!! cuz you will need it..
  • I think not. The testing people are not stupid. They have seen every attempts to fool them, and this one isn't even original. You need to STOP SMOKING WEED. Then you will have NO WORRIES.
  • That's the same boat I'm in. I picked up some detox pills from gnc and I'm drinkin a shit load of water. I heard that's all u need to do. And I heard something about drinking vinegar
  • Hey. If you ever come back to this and read this. I have a solution for you and I promise it works, but my advice is still not to smoke if you're seeing a probation officer. You should just stop until you're done with your probation time. My answer is this, Sure-gel. I promise you it works. You can by them at a lot of place. They have them at hy-vee, I know for sure. You get one packet or how many ever you want, and exactly 2 hours before your testing add the one packet in with a normal approximately 16 oz. water bottle, you may have to empty out a little water to get it all in, it's okay. and drink it all. Your stomach might hurt but it's okay. I would recommend going pee before you drink this because by the time 2 hours goes by you will reall have to pee. I used this for the longest time but it was so previous use wouldn't show up, not current use. Although, sometimes there's cocaine in weed, so you really might not want to use 3-5 days before you go in to take it, because one sure-gel packet only covers up marijuana, 2 covers up cocaine, and 3 covers up both. BUT its is very disgusting to drink so i'd just stick with what I said the first time. But I need to know how to pass a saliva drug test. I've smoked not heavily for about 6 days. and now i have a saliva test in a week and two days, If you know anyway or any information to pass this saliva test please me at I will get sent away if that test comes up positive. I am in danger, and I havn't smoked for 3 months until a week ago. I'm almost off probation just a month in a half. Someone please help me.
  • If a saliva test is done, you'll probably pass. For blood or urine, most likely not and if it is a hair sample test absolutely not. There are ways to deal with this but remember not all products will work for all people. Each one of us has a bit different "chemistry" going on in our systems. One that has worked repeatedly for me for urine tests is called the liquid "Stuff". Shop for the best priceand follow the directions. Some nutrition centers even carry it for the toxin cleansing effect it has. Even though it say's to not smoke for 48 hours prior to the test, it has worked for me when I smoked within 24 hours. Good luck
  • how hard is it to remember that if you take drugs and you have a drugs test that you will fail?
  • No. Marijuana metabolites are stored in fat cells. They go from fat cells into your urine. That is why heavy doses of water, etc. do not work. Only strenuous exercise can remove metabolites from fat cells, but it takes a while; maybe longer depending on how many fat cells an individual has.
  • You're an idiot. Get off drugs.
  • You've got to be kidding. NO! Why did you smoke if you knew you had a drug test?

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