• My main "tennis" shoes are a pair of Nike basketball shox. In tennis, there is a lot of lateral movement. In my experience the basketball shoes don't do so great with alot of backward and lateral movement-especially my shox. When you play basketball theres alot of forward running up and down the court. Basketball shoes tend to make you want to 'spring' forward. (Although some basketball shoes seem designed for different positions -- for example: guards do alot more slashing and cutting movements) Basketball shoes also tend not to have a reinforced outsole like tennis shoes do. Again, this is important because in tennis you do alot of quick, lateral movements. Check to make sure your pair of basketball shoes has a decent amount of material in tennis specific areas like inner toe, outer heel, ball of foot and toe cap. One advantage that basketball shoes would have on the tennis court is the ankle support. My Nike basketball shox were designed to guide my footing preventing me from rolling my ankle. (or they were supposed to be designed that way) Personally, I always use basketball shoes when I play tennis. The main reason for that is because I'm always able to find basketball shoes at discounted prices in department stores.
  • basketball shoes are meant to be more supportive in the ankle (assuming they are made the right way, Nike makes a lot of shoes that are just 'styled' like basketball). They will slow you down and they could trip you up a bit as your ankles will not be free to bend and the grip is not made to react the same way.
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