• Home made play doh...
  • Making stuff out of Popsicle sticks, drawing and cutting things out, baseball lol..:P
  • macaroni anything, just take un cooked macaroni and some paper plates/cups things like that, some non toxic glue and glue the macaroni into designs (colored noodles are good too)make a paper purse, there are allot of fun things to do with paper plates etc. You can do a search on the internet for "at home craft projects for kids" hope this helps
  • I used to put a plastic table cloth on the table to protect it and I'd let my daughter finger paint, or sometimes she'd play with play dough, or paint with water paints. She loved all of them.
  • When I needed an activity when I used to work with kids I just went to make sure you do not put www. This is a search engine just for kids. Simply put in art activities or crafts ect.
  • Wooo Hoooo! Kids crafts.... Can I come? Here's a fun one: Get some Plaster of Paris, some balloons, some rubber gloves, some clay... Or any soft shape that you can cut off easily... (lets use the glove) Fill the glove 3/4 full of plaster of Paris, Blow air into it and shake it gently in all directions until the liquid quits sloshing. Set the glove aside to dry for about a half hour and cut the glove off... Viola! A plaster hand that the kids can paint. The balloon works nicely if you mix the plaster of paris by shaking it up in a plastic water bottle and stretching the balloon mouth over the bottle to pour it in. Add some air to the balloon (until it is the size you want), tie it off and shake it just like you did the glove. You can then cut designs in it and paint it. Use the clay to wrap around one of those pretty baby girl noses to make a mold - fill it with plaster of paris. :)
  • we frequently make seasonal art using construction paper, glue, glitter and sparkly things..., beading (big beads for younger kids) or use cheerios or frootloops,
  • Popsicle stick sculptures.

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